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Season 3

Episode 30


Rachel giggled while glancing at Autumn with downright jealousy and resentment. Then she turned her eyes over to Charles, her eyes full of affection and bitter nostalgia. But knowing that a lot of people were watching, she had to pick up her composure. "Edward and I have come here especially to bring Chris this gift. Nothing special. It looks like...... I'm not welcome, though."

Rachel pouted her lips. Edward slightly frowned and comforted her by taking her hands and patting them. When he turned to look at Gary, he pulled a long face. He said to Charles and Autumn, "Rachel is my girlfriend now, which means she is your Aunt. Be kind to her. Do you understand?"

"Excuse me?" Hearing this, Gary almost dropped his glass. He had left no stone unturned to prevent Rachel from marrying into the Lu family. He never expected that she could finally make her way in like this. "Edward, are you crazy?

Look at yourself. You are already old and you found yourself a young girlfriend. Do you really think she is in love with you, a senior citizen?"

"Gary, don't embarrass me here. We are in this relationship for the love and companionship. I know he is your younger brother, but age can never set true lovers apart. I love him and he loves me. Why can't we be together?" Rachel snickered casually, pretending to be as affectionate as Edward Lu.

When she was with Charles, she had known that Gary had a brother, about 20 years younger than him and about the same age as Charles's father. He had been sent to prison at a young age because of fighting and brawling. After he was released, he had plotted to split the Lu family business with Gary Lu who had no choice but to give in by dividing the Shining Company into two - the Sun Company and the new Shining Company.

Over the years, the Shining Company had become bigger and stronger under Charles's leadership. The Sun Company did not do too bad either. Edward Lu's hawkish strategy had established a firm foothold for the company in Y city which earned him a good name among the big shots.

After the division of the Shining Company, Edward stopped keeping in touch with his family. That was why Autumn had no inkling as to who Edward Lu was, even after she married into the Lu family.

Originally, Rachel had no intention of making her revenge on Charles after they broke up. But she began to nurse the idea after she was cornered by Charles himself when he found out that she was picking on his wife Autumn Ye.

Her star power had started to fade as offers came in trickles and eventually stopped coming. Worse still, her hidden dark history had been exposed little by little. Even her agent and representative cancelled their contract. She was getting desperate when she met Edward Lu at a dinner party and got to know his connection to the Lu family. That was when she made up her mind to make a come back.

She was a gorgeous super star. As for Edward Lu, he had been rolling in money over the years and was never in shortage of women around him. However, he never actually married anyone. Knowing this, Rachel used some tactics to make Edward fall head over heels in love with her. That explained why they showed up together here today.

Edward Lu stirred up rumors and poured money on several movies starring Rachel. Because of this, her career revived and she could finally ride out the difficult times. She was becoming capable of making her revenge on the Lu family.

Gary glared at Rachel, who was compared to Helen of Troy at his first sight. He would never let such a woman marry into the Lu family, so he turned to look at Edward in disgust. "Don't you know that this woman used to be Charles's......"

"I know. She already told me everything." Edward said dispassionately, "Our father had died many years ago and I remain single all these years. I am pushing 60.

This time, I mean it. I have decided to marry Rachel. After all, you are the only elder to me in this family and I need your support."

"Gary, he is telling the truth." Rachel was pleased with herself. She had gone through all the troubles to hook up with Edward just to see Charles's astonished face if he saw her with Edward. However, to her disappointment, Charles didn't look like he cared one bit.

She gave a sneering smile and added. "When I found out Edward's relationship with you, I told him everything between Charles and me. It's true that Charles and I were in a romantic relationship. But it turned out that we were not right for each other. I have had to meet quite a number of men to realize that Edward's maturity and consideration are all I want and need. So, we have decided to get married and I hope you all will come to our wedding."

Autumn turned to Charles standing next to her. Expressionless as he tried to be, his knitted brows betrayed him.

How does it feel to have your ex-girlfriend become your aunt all of a sudden?

"In your dreams!" Gary raised his voice at her. "I am telling you. You will never marry into the Lu family. Never in your whole life."

"Brother!" Edward looked at Gary with a grim face. "Twenty years ago, we broke up the family and lived separately. Rachel is going to marry into my own family instead of ours. It has nothing to do with you."

Edward scoffed and added. "You think I really want to come here? It is for Rachel who wants our marriage to be witnessed and blessed by an elder brother."

Rachel tugged at Edward and said, "You don't have to be like this. After all, he is your senior......"

She was smug to see the look on Gary's face now. Wasn't that all she wanted after all the troubles she had gone through?

"Grandpa, are you all right?" Not a single word did Charles say all this time. In contrast, Chris immediately flared up when she saw Rachel being so cocky.
She held Gary by the arm and snapped.

"You two, listen up. We don't have a care in the world whether you fall in love or marry each other or fall off a cliff and die. You don't really exist to us. Don't even consider yourselves as part of this family with the wedding that you are talking about. I'm telling you! No way."

"Hey, little girl! Watch your tongue!" Edward angrily shouted at Chris. "I am your uncle and this is your aunt."

"I have no uncle like you." Chris showed no sign of intimidation and roared back at her uncle.

"Chris!" Gary ordered her to stop and told Sam, "Get her out of here."

Shortly after Sam and Chris were gone, Gary told Edward in a hardened voice. "You come with me!"

Edward pulled a long face, but finally obeyed, albeit with a certain reluctance. Though they had been apart for a long time, Edward still stood humbled by his older brother whenever they met face to face.

Gary had struggle to keep himself up, but could hardly stop his body from trembling.

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