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Season 3

Episode 27

(Pretty Sister)

Upon hearing this, Autumn fell silent. She was tired of handling more rivals like Rachel and Yvonne. All she yearned now was to lead a happy and undisturbed life with Charles.

As Autumn turned around, she caught a glimpse of Emily standing in a corner. "Grandma what are you doing here?"

Autumn asked while walking towards her. "It is not good for your health to walk around. You have been asked to take bed rest. So please stay in your room and take more rest. If you require anything, I will bring it for you," Autumn advised in a reproachful tone.

"I'm absolutely fine," Emily reassured Autumn while stroking the back of her hand gently. Emily was squinting hard in an attempt to see Autumn's face but she failed. "Autumn, I am feeling lethargic. I will return to my room now. I hope you enjoy yourself here!"

"Please let me escort you to your room. You look a little frail, grandma," Autumn said to her. "I can go back to my room by myself. You just stay here and have some fun," Emily rejected her offer politely.

Emily walked towards her room slowly at the pace she was comfortable with.

Autumn didn't heave a sigh of relief until she saw Emily enter her room safely.

After being rebuked by Chris in front of an entire crowd, Leila was drowning in embarrassment and with that heavy heart she left the party immediately.

Charles greeted the guests while keeping one eye on Autumn. When he saw Autumn settle down in one corner of the room, he swiftly walked right up to her.

"Are you fine? You must be feeling quite tired," Charles said to Autumn as he saw her rub her shank. Autumn rarely wore high-heeled footwear. It was only natural for her feet to be sore and aching because of treading slowly on those uncomfortable heels for for hours together.

Autumn was surprised as he understood her so well even when she had not uttered a single word. "What are you doing here?" Autumn asked in relief as she looked up at him.

Charles humbly took a seat beside Autumn and raised her leg onto his thighs. "Do you feel better now?" he asked while massaging her calf gently.

"Oh Charles, please let go of my leg. What will people think when they see us..." Autumn muttered in embarrassment as she tried to withdraw her leg.

"What is wrong with it? I am doing this for my wife as her feet is sore. I don't feel an ounce of embarrassment," Charles retorted holding onto her leg tightly.

"You..." Autumn flushed red like a rose. She was too shy for any public displays of affection. However, Charles didn't care much for the opinions of others.

"How are you feeling now? I hope you are better?" he asked, looking up at Autumn while massaging her leg gently.

"Much better," Autumn replied as she did feel a sense of relaxation wash over her. She then retreated her leg immediately to avoid attracting too much attention.

"Please don't do this again in an occasion like this. I do feel it is all sorts of weird," she added.

Charles did not respond. He never cared much for what others thought. Even if he agreed not to, he would do it again if the situation called for it.

"Mr. Lu treats Autumn so well that even I am envious of her." A voice echoed from behind them. Autumn turned around and was taken by great surprise at the sight.

She saw Abby, Andy and Cindy, who was crouched in Andy's arms. Cindy was brimming with excitement as she looked at Autumn. She struggled to get out of Andy's arms and then sprinted towards Autumn and put her hands around her neck in one loving gesture.

"Pretty sister..." A warm smile appeared on Autumn's face. "Honey, what are you doing here?" she asked affectionately as she lifted Cindy off the ground and onto her chest.

"Mom told me that I could meet you here so here I am," Cindy replied with a sweet and innocent smile on her face. "Pretty sister, I have missed you so very much."

"Me too," Autumn responded holding Cindy closer to her chest. She was overjoyed to meet Cindy here in that way. It made her forget all about her aching feet.

"Since we left Z City, Cindy has been repeatedly chanting your name. If we didn't bring her here, she would have driven us crazy," Abby said with a laugh.

"What brought you here?" Autumn asked Andy and Abby with a confused expression.

"I invited them," Charles replied with a smile. Although Cindy didn't show any affection towards Charles, he didn't think much of it. "Do you remember Arthur?" he continued.

"Of course I do," Autumn nodded while recalling him. Arthur not only saved Joanna but also knew Emily very well. She would never forget him.

"Mrs. Zhao is his younger daughter. When they came back, we were planning to hold a birthday party for Chris. So I sent an invitation asking them to join us on the occasion," Charles explained to Autumn.

"Autumn, I..." Abby stammered with excitement, coming forward and taking Autumn's hand. "We..." she muttered.

"What has been going on?" Autumn asked curiously as she could sense something was going on. "Mrs. Zhao, what's going on? Why did you look anxious?"

"Nothing. She is just too thrilled at the sight of you," Andy said, laughing. "Abby, you are scaring Autumn."

Hearing this, Autumn's confusion disappeared. "It's alright. I am glad to see Cindy again. So when will you go back to..." she responded with a smile.

"We'll stay here," Abby turned towards Autumn. "This time we won't leave. We are going to hold a housewarming party at our new house tomorrow. Would you and Mr. Lu be so kind as to join us?"

"Sure, we would love to," Autumn agreed almost instantly. This way she could meet cute Cindy all over again.

"Mr. Lu, I have some matter to discuss with you," Andy said to Charles. They then went to a corner. "Arthur told me everything about Autumn. Abby was just five when Autumn's father passed away.

Abby and I both hope that Autumn could reunite with us. After all, we are her family and we will always be there to support her. I hope that... you can understand us," Andy said as he saw Autumn was talking to his wife and daughter.

"I understand. I trust Arthur," Charles responded with assurance. Though Charles was born in a reputed and wealthy family, he didn't care whether Autumn had a powerful background.

Despite that, he still hoped that Autumn could reunite with Arthur. Wendy wouldn't dare to give Autumn a hard time anymore after she would receive Arthur's support.

"Now we don't know... how to approach Autumn with all of this, " Andy said, glancing at Autumn who was now playing with Cindy cheerfully. 'Perhaps Autumn will be ready to return to Zhao family for Cindy's sake, ' Andy thought to himself.

But Autumn was unfamiliar with the Zhao family. People in Zhao family didn't know Autumn's thoughts and they had no idea whether she hated them or not. They also didn't know how to make Autumn accept this fact easily.

"Autumn may look like fragile but she can be as stubborn as a mule, " Charles said. After talking with Autumn that night, Charles thought that Autumn must have perceived her relationship with Arthur. However, he had no idea of her real thoughts on this. "I can't promise anything now. But I... will try to persuade her."


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