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Season 3

Episode 25

(Birthday party)

The fact that Charles got married was fairly known to one and all present there. However, right until this moment the public did not realize that the woman Charles married was Autumn Ye instead of Yvonne Gu.

"I am fully aware of the cloud of confusion that descended upon all of you present here. But it is with great happiness that I now unravel the mystery: Autumn and I got married out of sheer luck and destiny. Now we spend each and every day of our lives together in conjugal bliss. This is my official statement to confirm the true identity of my beloved wife. I appreciate you all for your kindly understanding." Charles then egged Chris to take over, "Now I urge today's hostess to divide up the delicious cake for us. I do hope you enjoy the party here!"

Charles's brief statement was, indeed, a pleasant shock to all the guests. It was only second before the audience started to whisper among one other in shock and awe.

Isla was happy on seeing Autumn's face light up as her innermost desires had turned into reality.

Aron's voice rang behind Isla, "So are you getting excited too on the prospects of receiving such happiness?"

"Why are you pestering me?" Isla answered to Aron without turning back to look at him.

"I have called off the wedding with Becky and ended all ties with her." Aron pleaded for her attention with hopeful eyes, "Now can you please hear me out?"

Isla turned around swiftly without reflecting a single emotion on her face and plastered a smile as she said to him, "Aron you are still ignorant of your mistake of shifting the blame onto others. This trait was the root cause of our failed relationship. While Becky did play a major role, you too were an accomplice in this plot."

Isla continued with a gentle smile, "There is absolutely no point in continuing this conversation if you still abandon your due responsibility. Either way please excuse me as I have to attend to some work now."

Isla turned around and made her way to Autumn. As she gave her a gift as a token of best wishes, and said goodbye to her, "Autumn, there is a matter that requires my urgent attention. So in that regard please excuse my absence."

"Why are you in such a hurry?" Autumn looked at Isla in astonishment, "Is this about Aron? Are you trying to avoid seeing him?"

"Not really, that is not what this is about." Isla smiled, "I was prepared to meet Aron here. I would not have attended this event had I wanted to avoid his presence all together. Believe me when I say I have some other urgent matter at hand right now."

Isla had to drive the point loud and clear to Autumn who still looked apprehensive, "I am old enough to marry someone and, as you know, my parents have been long anticipated my marriage. They have arranged a blind date for me. I have to leave now to reach that appointment on time."

"A blind date?" Autumn was too shocked to believe her revelation, "I remember very clear that ou used to shun and dismiss the very idea of blind dates."

"Your memory is good. Yes I used to..." Isla replied with a warm smile and explained patiently, "I used to believe in a marriage created by God so I never sought out for someone deliberately.

However, not until now did I realize that love is somewhat beyond my reach. As a result, I agreed to meet the eligible bachelors my parents have arranged for me to meet through blind dates. I want to go through it to meet my parents' wishes."

Autumn, all of sudden, was somewhat amazed to see this other side of Isla who went beyond her comfort simply to please her parents and to respect their wishes.

"Well, anyway, now please allow me to take leave." Isla smiled to Autumn, "Enjoy your time here."

"Take good care of yourself." Autumn expressed her concern.

As Isla was walking out of Dream Garden, she bumped into a woman dressed in pink attire; and as she took a second glance at the woman, Isla found her pretty and attractive. While the woman ignored Isla and gazed toward the stage, paying little attention to Isla's prompt apology.

Isla shook her head, and then departed from the premise.

Autumn was utterly exhausted because of the toasts. As she was roaming about to look for a quieter place, she heard a familiar voice from behind her, "Autumn, it has been too long!"

"Leila, what brought you here?" Autumn was surprised and taken aback when she turned around and saw Leila. She least expected Leila to show up. Leila felt rather troubled and disturbed to learn that Autumn was married to Charles.

Autumn felt a pinch of embarrassment as she noticed the awkward expression on Leila's face. However the more she dwelled on that thought she realized there was absolutely no point of feeling guilty.

Dream Garden was her home in that moment and her marriage was known to one and all. There was more pride than uneasiness over that.

"So? It seems my presence here is unbearable for you." Leila couldn't help letting out a sarcastic laugh. Leila felt like being deceived beyond measure, as she tried every means to milk a favor from Mrs. Lu, little expecting Autumn was the one.

"How could it be? I am just a little surprised as I was not expecting you."

Autumn explained to Leila with a friendly smile and requested Leila to get take it easy, "Please do take a seat."

Leila developed a cold attitude towards Autumn as she didn't tell her that she had been married to Charles, which hurt Leila more than she expected. She then passed a sarcastic remark against Autumn, "Autumn, your tricks are stunning me."

"Leila, what could you possibly mean by that?" Autumn was now turning red with anger as she reminded herself to remain kind towards Leila. Moreover, her act of keeping her marriage with Charles to herself was justifiable.

"The least you deserve is to listen to my complaint!" Leila replied with a cold smile, "The fact that you are Charles's wife should not have been hidden from me. Moreover, I feel like I am constantly being lied to around here without knowing it, as I have long been expecting a truth from you. After all of this, do you really want to treat me like a blithering idiot?"

Autumn frowned at Leila's complaint, as she thought she was being wronged by Leila. Actually, her marriage with Charles, from the beginning, was inappropriate to be declared in public. However, even though later their relationship got better, Autumn thought it was rather unnecessary to tell anyone unconcerned.

Moreover, Leila was no more than a colleague who should be denied a slice of her private life.

"Leila, is there some misunderstanding between us?'

"Misunderstanding? How could there be?" Leila revealed a sly smile, "Autumn, I am surprised to see you play out this superb trick. Earlier I felt obliged and grateful to you for my admission into Shining Company. But until now I did not realize that all you wanted was to have a good laugh at me. You must try to contain your laughter at my folly."



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