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Season 3

Episode 21

(Cancellation of the wedding)

As soon as Charles had heard this from Autumn, he quickly realized that Wendy must have said something annoying to her. Charles gently patted Autumn's head and said with all smiles, "Oh, my silly girl.

So what if you are not really related to your grandmother? She's been taking care of you ever since you were a child and you've lived with her for many years; that is more than enough. Don't pay attention to what anyone else says. The bond you share with your grandma is stronger than your bond with your biological mother. So remove all the negative thoughts from your mind and accept it," said Charles.

"I knew it. I've always had a feeling, but I didn't dwell on it too much because I love my grandma a lot. I just didn't have the mental strength to accept the truth," replied Autumn in a shaky voice.

"Don't let the thoughts bother you too much. Just remember that, no matter what happens, I will always be there for you," Charles assured her with a smile.

Autumn smiled faintly, said nothing more because she didn't want Charles to worry about her.

She buried her secret in the depths of her heart and decided not to share it with anyone else.

On the same day, Aron held a press conference, but Becky was not present.

In order to save her face in public, Aron announced that it was Becky who took the initiative to cancel their wedding. As for the reporters who asked him tricky questions, Aron promptly avoided and evaded their inquiries.

After the press conference was over, Aron went to the hospital, as Joanna was supposed to be discharged from that day. However, as soon as they got back home, he found Mandy there, waiting for him. She approached Aron angrily, when she saw him.

Becky did not go home from the hospital, instead she went to a bar, to drown her sorrows in alcohol. Therefore, her mother, Mandy, had been worried sick about her and hadn't found out about the cancellation of her daughter's wedding until she saw the news.

"Aron! I need you to explain yourself to me, right now! I found out about the cancellation of your wedding over the news. Why are you doing this? What's wrong with Becky? Did she do anything wrong?" Aron held Joanna, gently sat her on the couch and was about to bring her a glass of water, when Mandy rushed into the house.

"I demand an explanation. Why did you arrange this press conference today? It is you who agreed to marry Becky in the first place; then why did you decide to call off the wedding? You've crossed the line this time, Aron! How dare you treat my daughter like this!" Mandy was cheerfully preparing for the wedding.

However, when Becky refused to answer her phone calls last night, she got worried. Mandy was stunned; she did not take the news of the wedding cancellation well. Livid and irritated, Mandy rushed to Aron's house soon after she had heard the news.

Mandy had been anticipating Becky's wedding for the last four years. She had bragged about her daughter's rich and brilliant fiancé to all of her friends and her relatives as well. Unfortunately, she would certainly become the laughingstock of society now, because Aron had called off the wedding.

Aron had brought shame and humiliation to Mandy and her family. After the news had spread, people began to talk about the relationship between Aron and Isla.

This was too much for Mandy to tolerate.

"Mandy, I..." Aron was not expecting to see Mandy; he furrowed his eye-brows at her, slightly. Aron glanced at her indifferently and said, "You don't have to be so angry at me. I spoke with Becky yesterday, and we both agreed to cancel the wedding. Didn't she tell you about it?

I tried my best to save her dignity, so I told everyone that it was Becky who decided to call off the wedding."

"What a load of rubbish!" Agitated, Mandy trembled in rage and asked, "Becky didn't come home last night and I can't get through to her on the phone.

Where is Becky? What did you do to her? Why hasn't she come home yet? Answer me, now!"

"She didn't go home?" Aron frowned, because he had no knowledge of this. Yesterday, Becky had left the hospital at around 9 AM in the morning. Why didn't she go back home from there?

"Yes, she didn't come home yesterday. I have called her number many times, but she hasn't answered any of my calls. I am very worried about her. Where could she be?" Mandy asked Aron as she stared at him anxiously.

Mandy pondered for a while, but still wasn't able to figure out where Becky could have gone to. Soon she remembered the real purpose behind her visit there; she rushed towards Aron, grabbed him by his collar and said indignantly, "I don't want to hear your nonsense right now. Why did you suddenly decide to call off the wedding?

Tell me!" Mandy was almost finished with the wedding preparations. The hotel had already been booked and their friends had received their invitation cards which meant that everyone had gotten news of their wedding, but now Aron had suddenly cancelled it all.

Mandy's prime concern wasn't about Becky's whereabouts, because she knew that Becky was old enough to take care of herself and that she would come back home sooner or later. Instead, Mandy's biggest concern was the fact that, the cancellation of the wedding would eventually lead to her becoming a laughingstock to her friends and family.
"Mandy, I am sure your daughter will explain everything to you," replied Mike, in a cold and yet impatient tone. Mike decided not to stand by silently anymore.

Mandy displayed no signs of remorse even after committing such atrocious acts. Becky evaded her responsibilities and even pretended as if nothing had happened. It was no wonder that Aron didn't fall in love with Becky even though he had spent four years with her.

Mandy was so eager to get even with Aron that she didn't notice the other people in the room. It wasn't until she heard Mike's voice and saw Joanna, discharged from the hospital, that she understood why Aron was determined on cancelling the wedding. Suddenly, Mandy started to feel awkward.

Aron did not disclose the real reason for cancelling of the wedding, nor did he announce what Becky had done.

Softhearted, Aron decided not to disgrace Mandy and Becky, even though their actions had warranted far more.

"I..." Mandy was ashamed to utter even a single word. "I can't find Becky. I know that she came to talk to you yesterday, but I haven't heard from her since then.

That is why I've come here to ask you what had happened!" Now that Mandy was already here, she had no choice but to brace herself and stand up to Aron.

"Aron, go and help Mandy find Becky," persuaded Joanna, compassionately.

Joanna had decided not to press charges on Becky; she thought about letting the past go and getting rid of the troubles from her mind. However, when she heard that Becky hadn't gone home last night, she got worried about Becky's safety and urged Aron to help find Becky.

Despite that, even before Aron could say something, Mandy declined Joanna's suggestion. Instead, she sneered and said to them in a cold tone, "Don't think I will forgive you for what you have done to my daughter! None of you will be allowed to leave here until you tell me what you did to Becky."

Mandy then brazenly walked to the couch, and sat down with her hands crossed. "When we talked about the wedding before, you gave us your consent, but then you went back on your word even after the invitations had been sent out. You have to explain yourself to me, or I am not going to accept the cancellation of this wedding," demanded Mandy.

"Mandy, my grandmother just got discharged from the hospital, and she needs to rest right now. If you insist on making trouble, I will be forced to take matters into my own hands," threatened Aron. Aron had finally grown tired of Mandy's relentless arrogance.

"So what?" Mandy smiled bitterly since she had hoped for Joanna to die in the hospital. If Joanna did not wake up, no one would know what Becky had done to her. "Isn't she fine now? Don't you feel guilty for what you did to Becky? She always loved you, and even cared for your grandparents. Despite the countless sacrifices she made for you, you decided to abandon her. I will exact retribution for my daughter today. I will certainly not accept the cancelation of the wedding without any explanation," Mandy challenged, her heart filled with rage.



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