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Season 3

Episode 18


"What's wrong, mom?" After Simon left, Yvonne came closer. Her mother has never acted weird like this before.

"Nothing." Wendy still didn't want to say anything. She was thinking whether she should talk to Autumn.

After going back and forth for a while, she decided to pay her a visit. She got rid of Yvonne by convincing her to take a good rest, then drove herself to where Autumn lived. As soon as she arrived, one of the servants blocked her at the entrance, not allowing her to come in.

"What is going on here? I'm Autumn's mother! Why don't you let me inside?" Wendy asked angrily. It was unacceptable for her that it was Autumn calling the shots and having that kind of power.

"The young master has said that from now on, you no longer have any relationship with anyone in this house. I am under strict instructions to not allow you inside this property." Nancy, the house servant said indifferently to Wendy.

Wendy was white with fury. She took out her phone and dialed impatiently. When Autumn picked up, "Autumn! This is your mother! Where are you? I'm at the door. Come here this instant!"

Startled, Autumn held the phone to her ear. She had been shopping with Chris. She got anxious and confused when she received the call from Wendy. "Something wrong?"

Autumn didn't care much about Wendy, which made her face pale. When she thought about why she came to the house, she got more upset. She calmed herself and asked in a kind tone, "Where are you now?" I have something very important to say. Tell me where you are and I'll come over."

This was the first time for Autumn to hear Wendy talk to her in such a mild tone. She hesitated for a moment. She was just about to tell Wendy her location, when suddenly Chris grabbed the phone and roared at Wendy. "What kind of human being are you? Don't you have any shame left? My brother's money has already been transferred to your account. Why are you still bothering my sister-in-law? Such audacity you have!"

"Miss Chris, this is between me and your sister-in-law. Anyway, I am her mother. This has nothing to do with you. Please stay out of it." Wendy said coldly.

"She is now my family. There's no longer any relationship between you and her! Why can't I say something?" Chris sneered. "We are out shopping. If you want to wait, you can wait at the door. But I cannot guarantee when will we be back."

As soon as she finished talking, she hung up the phone and give it back to Autumn, who was just staring at her with her mouth wide open and her eyes about to pop out. "Oh... What if she really did have something important to say?"

"She will call you again if it's really urgent. Don't worry." Chris held Autumn's arm and laid her head on Autumn's shoulder as they walked side by side.

"Hey, you are accompanying me to go shopping today. This is girls bonding day. You can't leave me halfway through."

"Never will I do that." Autumn didn't think too much of it. In another ten days, it would be Chris's 22nd birthday. So Autumn came out especially to buy clothes and gifts with her. It would be really inappropriate if she left Chris behind to do the shopping by herself.

She smiled and said, "You can rest assured that you have me all day, today."
Autumn accompanied Chris into the shops one by one. One time, Chris fancied a bracelet, which was priced around tens of thousands of yuan. She was hesitant for a moment and decided to skip it. Autumn then secretly paid for the bracelet.

But Chris saw what she did. "Why are you paying for that? Is that for me, sister?" Chris frowned. "I just want you to shop with me. How can I let you buy things for me?"

"It's okay." Autumn happily let the sales girl put the bracelet in a box and wrap it. She said to Chris, "It'll be your birthday soon.

I cannot give you something that's too expensive. Please don't mind this small gift."

Chris's forehead furrowed. If Autumn paid for it with Charles's card, then she wouldn't have any objections. However, she knew that Autumn was spending her own money -- money that she may have been saving little by little. She really could not accept this.

"Sister, it's too generous of you..." Chris didn't know how to thank her.

"It's okay. As long as you like it, then I am happy. This gift is from me and your brother definitely will give you another one." Autumn smiled and held up the nicely packaged gift.

"Let's go. You said you wanted to try on some new dresses." Autumn and Chris left the jewelry store and walked down the street. Chris was still not comfortable receiving the bracelet. She also wanted to give something to Autumn.

Then she thought of buying her a coat. It would be perfect as the weather had been getting colder recently.

"Sister, do you like this one? It looks good on you."

Chris took a coat from the shelf and showed it to Autumn.

"I don't need to buy new clothes. Just look for the ones you like for yourself."

Autumn refused at once. She had already spent too much money today and she wouldn't allow herself to buy such expensive clothes.

"C'mon sister, don't turn me down. Try it on." Chris pulled Autumn into the fitting room, and said, "Don't worry about the money. This one is on me.... Well, I'll pay for it with my brother's card."

They both laughed. Autumn could not refuse anymore. She tried on the coat along with a dress. When she walked out of the fitting room, Chris and the shop assistant were all smiles. The dress and the coat looked perfect on her.

"Sister, you are so beautiful in them! You always wear black and white like my brother. But this color is much more suitable for you." Chris gazed at Autumn and said, "If I had the same skin tone and figure as yours, never will I wear anything dull ever again."

Autumn looked at herself in the mirror. Chris chose for her a dress with a light hue under an orange cashmere coat. It was quite nice to match the two together. Autumn hesitated and finally decided. "Forget it, I have quite a lot of clothes. I'll buy some next time."

"No, no, don't do that..." Chris hurriedly stopped Autumn and said to the salesgirl, "Please help me tear off these labels from the clothes." She then said to Autumn, "Sister, just wear them!"

There was nothing Autumn could do to change Chris's mind so she gave in.

After shopping some more, Chris got hungry. "Sister, there's a western restaurant near here. I've been there before. The food is quite tasty. My brother used to take me there to eat. Do you want to have dinner there?"

"Sure." Autumn nodded. She was not hungry, but she was feeling a bit tired. Chris was such a ball of energy. It's like she never need to take a rest.

Autumn had walked by the restaurant Chris was recommending many times, but she never went in. After pushing the glass door and entered, the delicate surroundings and subtle ambiance enveloped them. They chose a table near the window and sat down. When they were about to order, they heard a familiar voice. "Autumn, wow! What a coincidence to see you here."

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