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Season 3

Episode 17

(Arrogant and spoiled)

"Rea...... really?" Wendy smiled awkwardly. She didn't know why, but she felt that life in Y City, which wasn't tranquil in the first place...... was about to become more complicated.

"Living abroad would be good, wouldn't it? Why did you come back?" Wendy smiled calmly, "I've also talked to my husband about leaving the children by themselves and moving overseas. It would be great to finally have our own life."

"Chinese people are very traditional, always wanting to go back home. Besides, I also want to see how Bowen's child is doing. After all, she is my flesh and blood." Replied Arthur.

"You mean......" Wendy keenly felt it, but she seemed to be missing something.

"Do you mean you want to meet and acknowledge Autumn?"

Wendy couldn't hide her intense frown.

This would be too much. She had been wanting Yvonne and Charles to get together. But if Autumn was recognized and acknowledged as a member of the Zhao family, she would have their support. It would be more difficult to destroy Autumn, not to mention, she already has Charles's full support.

But then again, wasn't she doing so many things for money? If Autumn returned to the Zhao family, she would have her own property from the Zhaos.

Wendy would rather have Yvonne be that child. When that happened, she would have a life without worrying about anything.

'Taking into account the bad relationship between Autumn and I, if she returns to the Zhao family, Yvonne and I will be doomed.'

"Kind of." Arthur said calmly, "But it depends on what kind of person she is. After all, the Zhao family does not just freely let anyone in. What do you think?"

Arthur fixed his eyes on Wendy as he was talking. It reminded her of the day she and Bowen visited his family for the first time. She knew that Arthur was talking about her, but she acted like she knew nothing, playing cool but subtly tried to speak ill of Autumn. "Bowen died early, and I remarried, so she was brought up by Emily. She was a good girl.

But when Autumn did something wrong, Emily was reluctant to punish her. That's why she turned into an arrogant and spoiled girl......"

"Really?" Arthur kept staring at Wendy. If he hadn't known it previously, he would have been stunned by her words. But he already knew Autumn. Although she grew up with Emily, she was filial and mature. She had the characteristics of the Zhao family in her. He can imagine how Wendy had abused Autumn, simply by the way she spoke ill of her own daughter.

"Absolutely!" Wendy smiled calmly and said to Arthur, "Autumn grew up with Emily, but that old woman didn't know how to raise a child, but I...... also had my difficulties, so Autumn had a strange personality. After all, she is the only child of Bowen. If you do want her back, please help me discipline her."

As Wendy said it lightly, Arthur laughed grimly. "OK, don't worry."

Wendy was smug with it but didn't know that Arthur already knew the truth. She calmly said to Arthur, "Mr. Zhao, if there's nothing else, I would like to go home. My other daughter is waiting for me."

"Alright." Arthur smiled, "It's nice to run into you. Maybe we will see each other often."

Arthur's words frightened Wendy and made her eyelids quiver. But she smiled calmly and acted like nothing happened, "If there's anything I can do, just let me know. I'll help as much as I can."

As Wendy called the waiter for the check, Arthur said lightly, "Let me do it, it doesn't make sense to let ladies pick up the tab."

"Mr. Zhao, there is no need for that." Wendy said timidly, "I can still afford it, and it also doesn't make sense to let elders pay the bill."

As she walked out of the coffee shop, she almost fainted. Her legs were still shaking and her lips were pale. It took her a long time to recover.

She didn't know why, but she felt a sense of doom because of Arthur's presence.

Maybe...... something terrible would happen soon.

Arthur sat in front of the French window, watching Wendy stumble her way out. He squinted his eyes.

Absentminded, Wendy went from the coffee shop to the ward of Yvonne.

Simon was in there. As she came in, Yvonne frowned intensely and said, "Mom, you said you were going to buy some food for me. Where is it? What take you so long? Why haven't you bought anything?"

Wendy lowered her head and didn't say a word, she was thinking about her conversation with Arthur. 'Why did he come back? What for? Was it really as simple as that?'

"Mom, what are you thinking about?" Yvonne saw Wendy staring into nothing and not saying a word. She could not help but asked with a frown, "Where is my breakfast?"

Seeing Wendy was so distracted, Simon became concerned. He knew Wendy for so many years. She used to be calm and self-sufficient. Whenever he was stuck in a dilemma, Wendy always analysed the situation calmly and gave her constructive opinion. It was the first time he saw Wendy in such a state, as if she had lost her mind completely.

He walked to Wendy and took her hand. Surprised, Wendy jumped and took it pretty hard. She shook him off immediately.

It startled Simon. He did't expect Wendy's reaction to be so intense. He could not help but asked, "What's the matter with you? What happened? Why are you looking pale?"

"Yeah, mom, you said you were going to buy some food for me. What did you get me?" Yvonne asked.

"Oh, nothing. It's all good." Wendy fixed her hair and said to them. "Maybe it's because I had a bad night's sleep last night. I feel a bit tired."

Wendy smiled reluctantly, she didn't want to tell them about Arthur. "Yvonne, I'm sorry, I forgot to buy breakfast. I'll go and buy some now, just wait."

"Forget about it." Simon took Wendy's hand and said to her, "You stay here with Yvonne, I'll go."



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