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   💃{She Danced For The King}💃



     Elena's pov

I raise my head to look at him and it's really him, he's really here. Oh god, I have never seen him looked so happy.

Never seen him glow so much and for some weird reasons, it made me really happy too.

"You're here."

Finn stands up and walks over to Arthur who turns his gaze at me, his eyes lingering on me for too long that it made me look away from the intensity of his gaze.

"Yes I'm here. How can I not be when I heard that you kidnapped my woman?"

Wait, did he just...

Did I...

What's happening? Did he just called me his woman?

Like his... Really his?

What the fuck is happening right now?

"I thought that you said she meant nothing more than your stripper Arthur."

Finn smirks at him and she chuckles.

"I was wrong. She means more than everything to me."

I raise my gaze to look at him once again and he's still staring at me. This time, he gives me a small smile before looking away and all my head could be wrapped around is how my heart is beating so damn fast against my chest and how my cheeks keeps heating up and now I'm sure than I'm redder even more than a tomato.

"Finn.. I need to talk to you."

"Yeah, you need to."

And suddenly everything went quiet and the atmosphere turned serious.

I stare at the two of them and that's when Arthur did something that shocked me to the bone.

He begins to get down until he's finally on his knees, right in front of Finn!

He's kneeling for him! The king is on his knees for another!

This is unbelievable!

"I'm sorry for everything that i did to you Finn. I was young and stupid and .... Actually I have no excuse for what I did Finn but I'm so sorry."

"You ruined our family Arthur. You ruined every one of us."

"I know Finn. Now I'm willing to mend it back."

"It can't ever be the same without Rose."

"I never thought I would hear you say that Finn."

Comes another voice from nowhere and the woman walks in while a gasp slides through my throat.

She is his sister?

Wow, this is really unbelievable!

"Rose, I thought you were dead! I can't believe you're alive!"

Finn days, sounding so excited to see her.

"I know that he did a lot of things that got you angry. That got us both angry but he was foolish and he went about been king the wrong way. You have to forgive him."

She says as they both stare down at Arthur.

Finn slowly brings him up before hugging him and I smile.

"This is everything that I've ever wanted. This family back "

And they all engulfs in one big hug.

Wow, this is really touching.

They disengage and three pairs of eyes turns to me.

"Elena, would you..."

Arthur starts and I shake my head. Without thinking, I stand up and run into his arms.

"Yes I'll go back to the palace with you."

"Actually that isn't what I wanted to ask."


I move away from him immediately, my cheeks heating up from the embarrassment and that's when he chuckles before slowly going down on one knee.

What's happening?

"I don't really have a ring because I didn't plan on doing this but I think this is the perfect time..."

Oh my God! Is he going to?

"I don't have long romantic stuffs to say to you Elena because that isn't who I am but I will ask you this, will you do me the honour of been the devil's bride?"

I look back at Finn and Rose and they both nod at me before I look back at him and nod my head immediately.

"Yes, yes I will.."

I almost shout and he stands up, taking me into his arms and hugging me perfectly to his body. Right where it belongs.



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