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   💃{She Danced For The King}💃



     Elena's po

"Where's the king?"

I ask as the guard grabs my things and takes it to the car which I think we would be going in.

"I think he went to have a little talk with the prisoners."

The prisoners?

What prisoners?

Did he caught the ones that attacked us yesterday?

How's that possible? All by himself?

"Okay then. I'll like to have a little chat with the king. Go ahead to the car without me."

"I'm afraid that I can't allow you to do that my lady. The king had ordered me himself to make sure that you pack your things and go straight out of the palace. Wherever it is that you want."

So I see that he doesn't even want to talk to me?

What could he wrong?

Is he angry at me or what?

Now that I think about it, why did he even asked of me to go all of a sudden?

I think I can remember a time when he said that he can't let me go and he's sorry for that so why does he want me to just go now?

"I just have to see him and talk to him. Please."

I mutter and he sighs.

"I'm very sorry my lady. I wished that I could help you, I really wish that I could but if I don't do as the king asks me to then I might lose my life and I have my family. I can't die so please my lady, just get inside the car."

The way he had said that,he seemed so afraid. Almost too afraid of him and I almost want to tell him that the king wouldn't do that to him but again, that man can never be predicted so I did what's asked of me.

I get inside the car and he closes the door before going around the car and entering into the drivers seat.

"Thank you my lady."

He mutters before starting the car and I stare at the palace once again.

I still remember how I had got here.

I remember the day that I first walked into the palace.

I still remember the first time that I danced for the King.

Everything seems like a distant memory right now. Even though they haven't been that long.

I sigh before removing my eyes when I had caught a glimpse of him.

He's standing by the window with his hands folded at the back.

Even from afar, his face still showed no emotion.

Our gaze meets and he stares at me. Even from afar, his gazes had effect on me.

I place my hand against the window and that's when he turns away from me and walks out of the view.

I guess this is really it.

I'm really leaving here and he isn't stopping me.

Goodbye to this place.

Goodbye... My King.
      TBC ♥️.

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