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   💃{She Danced For The King}💃




     Elena's pov



I don't know what the hell is wrong with me. I don't know why the hell I had been so scared of the king.

I guess after what I saw him did. It is just normal to be that scared of it. I watched him kill a man and I'm the most brutal way that I've ever seen anyone die with that.

I watched him do that and I know that was what made me scared but also I shouldn't forget the fact that he only did what he did so that he could keep me safe.

If he hasn't done that then I'm sure that they would have taken me away and I would have probably be tortured right now.

But he didn't allow that to happen. He saved me, even though the way he did could have scared anyone to death but he did Dave me and I shouldn't be scared of him.

Not at all. He's a devil yes but it wasn't his choice to be so. I'm very sure of that.

How I wish I could find him right now and let h know how sorry I am for the way that I had reacted.

And as if the Lord has just answered my wish, the door opens and the King walks in.

He stares at me as he closes the door behind him and all I could see is pain. For the first time, he wasn't hiding his emotions. He wasn't clouding his eyes with darkness and coldness.

He lets me see them and they make me cringe because they holds so much pain in them. Do much pain that I wondered how a man could be able to carry on so much heavy burden on himself only.

I wish I could just help him.

He moves further into the king and walk closer to me and this time I didn't move away like I done earlier the first time that he had came.

Instead I rise from the bed and get down, before bowing to him.

"My King."

I mutter bowing my head then raising my gaze once again to meet his. He's staring at me, his face no longer reveals the pain that I saw in them when he first walked in.

His emotions are now clouded once again like they have always been and he stares at me.

"Park your bags Elena."

What? Why does he wants me to park my bags? What's happening? Is this what I think it really is? Is this really happening right now?

"I'm sorry that I had abducted you and did so many bad things to you. I took your virginity without your own knowledge and I kept having sex with you without your own permission. I used you in so many ways that I can't start saying and I'm sorry for that but now I'm letting you go."

He moves a step away from me, staring at me before turning back.

"Goodbye Elena."

      TBC ♥️.

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