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   💃{She Danced For The King}💃




     Elena's pov

I turn to stare at the king to see if he would order this to stop.

Although I know that even if he orders this to stop, there's nothing that he can do to actually make it stop because I don't think that these people care about the fact that he's the king.

 In fact, I think they even care less about that fact.

I stare at him once again but he isn't staring back at me. Instead his eyes are focused on the woman that's also staring at him as her men comes forward to take me.

"If you dare lay a finger on her. You would die and believe me when I say it's going to be a brutal one."

He groans and even though I know that's actually meant to scare the man that has come forward to take me, not actually me but still I could not help but to shudder when he had said that.

It's almost like the guy that was with me minutes ago, playing around and having fun is gone and now there's this guy that doesn't have any emotions and that's always looking cold as hell.

Not even the guy that he showed me some past few weeks just to punish me because he wanted to punish me

No, not even that guy.

It's the guy that I don't usually see or rather, he doesn't show to me but which I've seen once and that's when he killed his man about getting a bride.

That's the man and no matter how much I try really, I can't help but to be afraid.

"What the hell are you waiting for?he can't do anything right now. He's without any guards because he's actually stupid to think that he can come out without any guards and I wouldn't make my move..."

The woman chuckles but the King said no word to her as he turns to look at the man who had come forward to take me. Who now look very afraid to touch me.

That's the rate of how he scares people actually, he's without any guards right now and yet, he isn't afraid of the woman that has come with many men. Killing men instead of been afraid, he's installing fear.

Who are you really Arthur? Who made you like this?

"I said take the girl or you will die by my bare hands."

The man looks at the King once again before taking a step forward to me and grabbing my hand while the King shakes his head and I could see pain in his eyes. He's battling with himself.

"I warned you. You chose death either ways."

He mutters and I don't know how the hell it happened. It seemed like everything happened in a flash. One minute the man was standing in front of me and the second minute, he's laying on the floor, his head detached from his body and his blood flowing through the entire place.

I gasp in fear as I turn to look at the king who's staring right back at me with the head of the man in his hands.

Oh my fucking God!

     TBC ♥️.

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