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   💃{She Danced For The King}💃


     Elena's pov

I turn back to look at where the voice has come from and who it is only for my eyes to land on a lady. 

A lady with some men behind her. 

Those men don't look like they are here to ay though and that makes my heart beats faster as I slowly rise up from beside the king and stare at them.

"What's happening elena?"

He groans as he stares up at me and I just couldn't help with the scoff that slides through my throat.

Is he seriously asking me what's happening? Like he's really asking me that question? Like he's asking me right now that what's happening? 

After he heard some voices and after that voice specifically called out his name.

 He's pretending like nothing is happening and he's asking me what's happening? Is this some sort of joke or what?

"Your majesty. I think it would be better if you could ride up and take a look at what's about to happen."

The look that's across the woman's face is nothing of pleasure at all. 

She doesn't look like she's here to play and the king doesn't look like he's really serious about what's happening or what's about to happen while I stand there, almost peeing in my pants as I stare at the gate faces of all the men that's behind the king.

"Oh Kathryn. It's you so tell me what right and who the hell have you the authority and the might to come disrupt my discussion and my private time?"

He yells at her and she chuckles while I shudder in fear once again.

I don't think the King really understand what's going on.

 I don't think he really do. 
Your majesty.

 We are here in the middle of nowhere that I have absolutely no idea of and there's a woman right in front of us whom I'm sure is connected to you with so many men behind her, who actually looks like they are ready to pound on us any second from now while we here have not even a single guard thanks to your command.

I'm not sure why the hell you aren't freaking out already but I know that I sure as hell am and any other moments.
I shake my head.

No Elena. No, this isn't the time for you to faint, you have to be brave but it's so hard to be brave when they are all staring at me like they are so more than ready to put a bullet through my fucking skull.

"I do not need any authority to do this Arthur and remember the last time that we saw, what did I told you? I would be coming for you and now I'm here and trust me when I say you will die here today."

Why is the king relaxed about this and why isn't he doing anything?

"Get the girl first!"

Oh God! No!
      TBC ♥️.

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