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   💃{She Danced For The King}💃




     Elena's pov

"You're staring at me."

He mutters and I'm quick to Avery my eyes away from him immediately, blushing at the fact that he caught me staring at me.

He suddenly starts chuckling and I take my eyes back to look at him, he's staring ate too now.

"I didn't mean for you to take your eyes away like you immediately did now. What I only meant is that you're staring at me, wy are you staring at me?"

He raises his brows at me and I chuckle before shaking my head, nothing coming out of my mouth because seriously I don't know what to say either.

I just can't help but to stare at the way he looked so happy, not the usual way that he always looked. Not that he looked that happy either but the scowl and the cold look that's always across his face is gone and all I could see is someone that enjoyed this time.

Someone that wants to be set free but just can't. I know that he's battling with the demons in me. He's fighting Witt me, this other side of him is battling for dominance. The side that's funny and the side that's sweet and playful.

The side that I preferred so much more than the other cold one. The side that doesn't come out so much often than I would like for it to.

"Nothing my king. I just couldn't help but to. I'm very sorry if that annoyed you."

I bow my head and he shakes his head,yet once again.

"No it does not annoy me. I was just asking why you were staring cause I could feel your Intense gaze on me and I wondered if you would like to tell me something or ask me a question perhaps. You staring at me would never annoy me. Never! I think it might actually do the opposite."

He smiles at me before looking away and my heart beats so fast against my chest that I'm almost afraid that he would hear it.

He's right about having a question to ask him though. I want to ask why he's suddenly like this towards me but again, I'm afraid. Afraid that if I ask now,then he would start acting cold towards me again and I seriously do not want that.

"Your majesty. You do not have to worry, what I wanted to ask you is nothing of serious issue. I would prefer if we just continue to enjoy this view."

I smile at him and he shakes his head.

"No, I would really like if you tell me what it is."

"Your majesty..."

I drawled.


He mutters too the same way that I had abd I couldn't help but to chuckle.

Just as I open my mouth to speak once again, a voice comes out of nowhere.

"Missed me Arthur?"

      TBC ♥️.

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