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   💃{She Danced For The King}💃




     Elena's pov

"I'm sorry."

He mutters once again and I fake a smile before shaking my head.

I guess I would just always remain here for the rest of...

My thoughts are cut off when his lips meets with my skin and I immediately forgot about everything that I was thinking of as he trails kisses down my neck before he slowly move his hand to my gown and I slowly arch my back for him as he zips down my gown.

He stares at my naked body that's now right in front of him with lust written across his face and I blush under his intense gaze.

I try to cover my body with my hands but he takes my hand away, growling at me.

"What did I said about covering yourself for me? Never do it."

He shakes his head before lowering his head and capturing my lips between his while I groan in his mouth.


He whispers before pulling away and staring at me.

"Only mine."

He says and stares at me in a way that makes my cheeks flushes and my heart beats faster against my chest.

"Only mine. "

He whispers again and take my right breast into his mouth, the same time he slide my pant to the side and slide his finger in me. 

My back buckles against the headboard of the bed and I gasp, my eyes rolling to the back of my head. 

His thumb rubs my clit, his fingers slides in and out of me while his mouth sucks on my breast. 

The feeling.. The combination of everything is heavenly and I feel wild. 

I feel myself going crazy with the sensations. 

He drop my right breast and moves to the other one, sucking on it as if he wants it to produce something. 

His teeth graze over it and heat travels through my entire body, settling on my core as I clench my legs tighter round the king, not really caring about shame at the moment.. 

He pulls his mouth away and pin me properly to the headboard then remove the hand he's using to hold me. 

He brings it to my breast and his finger flicks over my already hard nipple. 

"Oh god.. "

I moan, tugging at his hair harder. 

I don't know which one is the best. His fingers in me, his thumb rubbing my clit or his finger on my nipples. 

"I love seeing you this way. "

He brings his mouth to my ear and bite it, adding to the already over excited sensation. 

"So primal.. So out of control. "

He coos in my ear and trail kisses to my neck. 

"All mine. I'm the only one allow to do this to you. "

I gasp and wince slightly when he adds another finger in me. 

"No other man. Only me, I'm the only one allow to see you this way.. "

"To see you go fucking insane under my touch. "

The King isn't making anything better with his dirty talks, he's only adding to the fire and I want him. 

I want more. I want all of him. 

I can't take it anymore. 

I just want him. Now. 

"Say it Elena. Say I'm the only one. "

He lock eyes with me but I couldn't keep mine on him cause my eyes rolls to the back of my head. 

"It's only.. "

I gasp and breathe out to calm down my breathing but it's just impossible with everything he's doing to this. 

"You're the only one. Only you. "

I finally manage to choke out and he smirks at me as I come undone under his fingers. 

He pulls his fingers out and my orgasm is dripping down it. 

He brings it to his mouth and licks me off. 

"Always taste so fucking good. "

He smile at me before removing his hand that was circling round my breast and I wince at the loss of contact.

My legs has already turn to jelly and they feel so weak right now. 

He carries me away from the bed and to the floor. 

I thought that he was going to stop until he makes me go on my fours before pushing into me from behind and I feel my heart stretching.

"My King."

I moan as he pushes into me repeatedly and thrusting harder than ever before until I can't feel myself anymore. But just him and what he's doing to me.

      TBC ♥️.

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