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   💃{She Danced For The King}💃




     King Finn's pov

I stare at the picture which I'm currently holding. The picture of the same girl that my brother had called his stripper.

She didn't look like a stripper and I don't think that she's one either.

A stripper shouldn't come to the royal ball with the king if she doesn't have any other intimate relationship with the king.

A stripper wouldn't have been living in the same place with the king and a stripper wouldn't have definitely been spending time with the king.

A stripper also wouldn't be protected by the king.

I know she's more than a stripper to him, she might not know it but I know it. She's more than just something to play with.

She means so much to him and maybe, she's even more than I thought.

Could it be that she has made her way into my brother's heart?

Could it be that she has successfully dissolve the coldness of my brothers heart?

Could it be that she's the one that has weakened the devil in my brother and make her go soft?

Has she successfully make her way into his heart and has she made her fall in love with her?

If all these are true then this is going to be more easier for me than I thought.

Oh my dear little brother, once again. You're the cause of your own demise and I wouldn't have pity on you this time to keep you alive.

I will do to you what you had done to me. Just let you took something precious away from me, I will take your precious little stripper away from you too.

I will force you to watch the way I will taint her body just like the way that you have done to me too 

Oh my dear little brother. You'll definitely regret everything that you did to me by the time that I'm done with you.

Elena... You're mine to use.

           Elena's POV

I open my eyes to see that his are closed and without wasting another second, I close mine back too and slowly my hands goes around his neck.

His kisses aren't hard and rough like they have been for this couple of days. Instead, they are the way that they have always been from the start.

Slow,soft and gentle.

He grabs my thighs and lift it to the bed before gently laying me on the bed with him hovering on top of me as his hands goes straight to my waist and he pinched my hips a little which causes me to yelp and he used that opportunity to slide his tongue in my mouth.

He pulls away from the kiss and stares at me while I stare right back at him.

What's happening? What's be thinking of doing? Why is he suddenly acting this way?

"I'm sorry. I wish I could let you go and have your freedom but I can't."

      TBC ♥️.

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