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   💃{She Danced For The King}💃




        Elena's POV

I wait for it.

One second...

Two seconds...

Three seconds....

Four seconds...

Five seconds....

Ten seconds.

A minute.

Two minutes....

Three minutes...

Ten minutes....

Twenty minutes and still yet, there's nothing. He isn't saying anything than to just stare at me as if he doesn't believe what I had just said or as if he didn't even hear me say anything at all.

Thirty minutes and he's still staring.

It's almost like he isn't here anymore. Like he isn't even listening to me and he's at another entire different place.

"My King..."

I mutter when I finally got tried of hearing nothing and he slowly raises his head to look at me, his eyes darkening by the minute as he stares at me and unconsciously, I move back slowly because I know that his eyes only darkens whenever he gets angry.

"What the hell did I just heard? What the hell did you just said?"

He stares at me without saying any other words and I gulp in, my heart beating faster against my chest. Now, I'm even more than scared to repeat the same words that I had said before.

"My King... Please..."

Is the only words that came out of my mouth, instead of the original words that I had said before and it's driving me crazy.

He looks so scary right now at this moment that I'm sure he would do anything and he wouldn't even care about it. He might as well just decide to hurt me even.

"Answer me! What the hell did I just heard you say?!"

He yells and without even knowing why it had happened, tears rolls down my cheeks and at that moment, I hated myself.

Why the hell was I crying? Just because he yelled at me and I'm crying already? God! I feel so stupid for even crying.

Shooting out my hand, I wipe it aggressively against my cheek. Wiping away the tears that had rolled down my cheeks.

"I said I want to leave."

I whisper and slowly raise my head to stare at him, he's looking at me.

"And why the hell would you say that?"

"Because this isn't my home and I... I want to leave here. I don't want to stay here anymore."

"Is this about what you saw me do hours ago?"

I shake my head immediately.

"No, my king. It's not, I had originally planned to tell you this before I saw you do what you did."

I whisper and he says nothing anymore but the only thing that I could hear is the sound of his footsteps which means that he's coming closer to me and I try not to move back.

He isn't going to hurt me. He isn't going to.

"Need I remind you that your decisions aren't yours anymore?"


I raise my head.

"You're the king's property now and you would only do whatever it is that I ask you to do. You will but make decisions on your own and you will certainly not go anywhere. Now undress and give me your back."

What the hell have I gotten myself into?

     TBC ♥️.

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