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   💃{She Danced For The King}💃




        King's Arthur POV

She moved back immediately as I try moving forward to her and it's almost as if a knife was drove through my heart because she's afraid of me.

She saw who I am, she saw the real monster that I've always tried to hide away from her because I don't want to chase her away. I don't want to but somehow she had saw the monster and she's afraid of that monster.

"This meeting is over and the next time that any of you try to tell me any nonsense about getting a bride or any other time that any of you dares to tell me that my kingdom would perish then have it in mind that that would be your last day on earth."

I growl and they all nod immediately before crumbling to their feet and standing up immediately.

They all bow to me before walking out of the room while I turn back to look at her but she isn't there anymore and she has already left.

I let out a sigh before calling the guard and returning the sword back to him.

"Be sure that this body gets delivered to his family and you should make sure that he's properly buried."

"Yes your majesty."

He bows and I gesture for him to leave before staring at the lifeless body in front of me.

Aidan was a really good official and I regret that I had to kill him with my own bare hands but that's what happens when any one gets me angry.

I think back to how scared Elena looked when she has saw me with the blade in hand and blood dropping down it from the lifeless body that I had just killed.

She would be afraid of me probably, perhaps even more afraid but that's who I am. I am a devil and I'm meant to be feared.

I'm sorry that you had to see that ugly thing Elena but there was nothing else that I could have done to stop it.

               ~KING FINN~

"According to my research your Majesty. Her name goes with Elena and her family records aren't there. There's basically nothing about her family but after searching deeply, I found out that her parents died when she was at such a young age and she's also their only child."

So you're all alone in the world Elena but then you decided to go to my brother who would ruin you even further more?

"She used to work at a hospital but she quit because of some weird reasons and she began to live at the palace. No one knows as to why, that's all I could find out about her your majesty and not to forget about friend that has always been with her. Nina browns."

"That's good, go and make a research about this Nina, I want to know everything. You can go."

Thank you your majesty."

He bows before walking out and I smirk.

Elena, what the hell do I do with you?

     TBC ♥️.

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