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        Xavier's pov

"What the fuck is happening? How the hell are you alive?"

Diana comes forward as she stares at Skylar who's still holding onto my leg and whom tears filled her face.

It's like this that she makes me weak and I have absolutely no escape from her because I know I would never be able to handle it when she's like this, crying and begging me to come back to her.

"Skylar please stand up."

I groan as I try to raise her up but she shakes her head and remains in between my legs, holding onto both sides of my legs.

"No, I won't stand up until you tell me that you've forgive me Xavier. Please I'm begging you, I'm sorry for everything that I did. Everything that I made you pass through. I'm sorry that I broke your heart and I was too foolish and stupid and so young to have thought about how you were feeling. I'm sorry about everything but if you don't forgive me now Xavier the I'm going to die right back and I won't make it this time."

She shakes her head and I sigh.


I start but she's quick to cut me off.

"No Xavier, listen to me."

"Skylar, just get up first and let's talk about this. Don't create a scene."

"I'm not trying to create a scene. I'm trying to get your forgiveness."

"Fine I forgive you. I forgive you okay, just stand up please."

"Tell me you love me."

Oh God! What the hell have I gotten myself into with this girl?

"Skylar just please stand up and let's go talk about this somewhere private."

I sigh but it seems like everything I'm saying is just passing out through her right ear and she isn't even listening to me.

"You don't get it Xavier. I can't lose you, not again. I have to get you back "

"I have a girlfriend Skylar. What do you want me to do? Dump her to come to you?"

Even though I would have really did that if she hadn't hurt me in the first place. After all it was just a contract with Michelle.

"You don't love her. It's me that you love."

She's right.

She's the only one. The only girl that I've ever loved and the only girl that I will ever love.

I don't love Michelle or do I?

"I have to have you back Xavier. The thought of you not forgiving me and you not been with me, it'll kill me and I'm afraid that this time it's going to be permanent because I will make sure that it is. I can't bare you been with another person other than me."

"You didn't think of that when you were cheating on me with another guy?"

I raise my brows at her and she bends her head.

"I'm sorry. For everything but you have to let me back in and I promise I'll never make the same mistake again."

I sigh before looking towards Michelle and she's staring right back at me.

I turn back to Skylar.


     TBC ♥️.

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