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                   STEP-SISTER 👧👩

(🙀😱 Madly in love with each other 
                 A love we never wished for💔💗

Dirty romance 
Rated 🔞


          SYNOPSIS 💝

     "Hey Babe, I'm getting married to Ned " she announced to her daughter Christine about her marriage proposal to Ned her lover

     "Oh really when? And I didn't even get to see his son? "
    She replied feeling a little downcast that her mom have not yet introduced her to her would-be step-brother

      "Awwww soon maybe tomorrow or later in the day"

    She said kissing her teenage daughter's hair tenderly 

      "Soon right? "
She asked to be sure if her mom really meant what she said

   Not that she's dying to meet him tho but she just have that curious mind about him 

    If he's going to be someone lovable or rude

      "Yes dear, I promise"
    "Okay mom"
           "I heard you guys are getting married... I mean you and Deanee" he queried his father as he came back from school

  He didn't even wait up to change his clothes before he started asking cuz from the start he never liked that woman following his dad about all in the name of love

     "Yes son... You should learn to accept her " he replied him concentrating more on his phone

   He hissed and walked past angrily to his room

That's it! 

How they came to live together, living in the same roof with someone you think your heart longs for but can't have because you guys are related

   Do you think they will allow that? 

   I don't think so

What about the passion and list for each other? 

Letting it go? 

  I don't think so too

Christine and Brendan!! 

A perfect don't you think? 

   She's crazy about him and he can't love her less.... 

  Let's find out in the story

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