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              STEP-SISTER 👧👩

(🙀😱 Madly in love with each other 
      A love we never wished for 💔💗

Dirty romance 

          🎯 Episode 4 🎯


I heard shuffles of noise so near and I knew it might be her trying to enter into her room

   My mind started pushing me to go see her face once more

   On opening the door she fell into me like a kind of hug and I gasped immediately her soft br**st touched me before the rest of the her body landed on me

     My heartbeat increased and I could barely think for two minutes

     Her infront of me is like a spell I can't unbreak from  

    She suddenly looked up to my face and my eyes fell on her voluptuous inviting lips which I was so tempted to taste

      I lowered my face towards her since I was a bit taller than she was and slammed my lips into hers

   Damn! Her lips is so sweet! 

   It taste like tea and sugar on my tongue

      I rolled my tongue deeply inside her throat and another terrible sensation started building inside me

      I kissed her more passionately and not soon enough she returned my kisses much rougher than I kissed

   Does it mean she wanted this too? 
  I mean what is wrong with the both of us? Why do I feel like she feels the same way about me? 

    And to worsen it all... We just met!!!

"Stop! " she said pushing me away and landing again into me as she disengaged herself from the kiss

     I wound my arms around her tiny waist and that look of surprise spread across her face 

     Damn! What is she like?? 

  Why is she making me strange all the time? 

      "Brendan! "
She called 

     "Yes! " I replied and moved myself away from her

   Cuz if I don't I wouldn't know what might happen next

    She's just drawing me all to herself by a means I don't even know of and I can't even explain

      "Uhmm... I'm sorry about that it was a mistake" I apologized

    Hold on!! Did I just say mistake? It wasn't!! 

    My soul really needed that and I wouldn't lie about it 

      "A mistake?" She queried her expression that of soberness 

     "Yes I'm sorry" I apologized again and she didn't even say a word to me

    She just turned and left my room 


I slammed my door hard as I went in and leaned on it really so angry 

   He called all that a mistake? He called that a mistake? 

   I thought he felt the same way towards me too? I thought the kiss was genuine the way he kissed me

     I thought we had that same strange feeling together? 

   And he called it a mistake?? 

   My back scrolled down from the door to the ground and I sat down just by my door burying my head in my palms

     What is happening to me?Somebody I just met? 

    What is this strange feeling I'm having for him that make me want to see him every minute and his body makes butterflies fly about my stomach?

   Someone should really explain to me... 

       Knock! Knock!! Knock!!! Knock!!!! Said my door

 And I quickly jerked up from the back of it to know who was knocking

    I opened the door and it was still him

   My heart beat increased again and threatened to fly off my chest

   I could barely hold my self infront of him or help myself not to look at his gray crazy eyes


    "What's wrong? "
I managed to ask still looking intently at him

    Immediately he opened his lips to carve out words my gaze fell on his lips and... 

    Goddamn! I couldn't believe myself that I once kissed these lips of his a while ago

      "Uhmm.... Are you dressed? My dad said I should take you around" he said scratching his blonde hair making him appear more sexy infront of me

     "Uhmmm... Yes lemme change am coming.... Just gimme a minute " I stuttered banging the door infront of him 

   Really?  When did my stuttering start?  

   Talking and stuttering? 


I sneezed and the door flew open making my eyes gasp again when I saw that it was  the same him

     He came to my side putting his palm on my forehead 

      "Are you okay?? "

He asked and my eyes popped out in surprise 


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