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              STEP-SISTER 👧👩

(🙀😱 Madly in love with each other 
      A love we never wished for💔💗

Dirty romance 

              🎯 Episode 3 🎯


What just happened? 

   I just found myself holding her hands which were holding the cup and all my body shook like before

     My eyes searched hers and our eyes met staring at each other non-stop not even trying to look away 

     Her gray eyes are doing something to me, my body feel somehow strange as if a strange feeling came into my body changing the whole system 

    "What's wrong? " Deanee asked and it was then we both realized we have to let each other go for a moment

     I withdrew my hand from hers and she too yawned keeping the cup on the table and digging her spoon into her plate

    I did too eating but yet my mind was still focused on her, the person sitting by my side called Christine 

      No matter how I tried not to look at her, I always find my head turning to take a quick glance at her 

      What is she? Why is she making me feel this strange? 

   I don't think I need to be around her, I don't think I need to

    I dropped my spoon on the table near my plate and relaxed back on my chair sighing and attracting my dad and Deanee's attention to me

      "What's wrong Brendan? "
 Deanee asked me 

     "Nothing, I lost my appetite "

    "Or you don't like the meal? " Christine cut in and then smiled after she said that fluttering my heart and making my whole stomach turn into a singing machine

     Mere looking at her smile is making my whole head spin around and the worst thing is?... 

    I just met her not quite long ago and I think I'm loosing my head 

     "No.. I just don't want to eat anymore" I replied and she nodded her head many times like a lizard even though she looked kinda cute the way she moved her head

      "Are you sure Brendan" my dad was this time the one speaking. 

    "Ya dad see you " I replied And then got up to go, I climbed the steps in twos and threes and not long gone I was inside my room

    I slumped down on my bed to take a quick nap... 



He left making the whole place suddenly boring for me

    When he was here, the whole place was kind of bubbly and airily too

   Those glances he kept stealing at me felt like I should climb on top the sky and shout my head off 

    I can't understand why am feeling that way towards my step-brother

   I feel like he's someone very special and suitable for me and I don't know why I feel that way

     When he held my hand deeply into his the time we accidentally brought up the cup together I felt like we were the only person in the whole wide world.. 

    Just the two of us and it dissapeared when he slipped his hand away so sudden... 

  And now he left again... 

    I suddenly dropped my spoon too and my mom looked up to stare at me 

    "You're not in the mood too? " she asked her gaze focused on Ned and I nodded my head in positive yes! 

      "Why? Something wrong? "

He asked me putting his hand ontop of my mom's hand which were rested on the table 

     "No I just need a bath, that's all... And maybe freshen up and move around this whole place "

I said eyeing my mom which was giving me this stares that says 
I-don't-believe-you kind of look

     "Ok.. Brendan will take you around Full-ham then, its a beautiful place to stay Christine you will love it" he praised 

    "Thanks Ned" I replied turning around and climbed up the stairs hurriedly to my room

    Infront of my door, I checked the other room door beside me and saw that his room was next to mine 

   I smiled deeply inside me, we are next door neighbors!! 

    I peeped in to his keyhole and suddenly like a swift the door opened and I fell all the way to his chest 

      His hard bare chest which he was never putting on a shirt to cover up and you know what? 

I stopped breathing for a moment listening to his heartbeat.

Gbim! Gbim! Gbim! 

His heart sang repeatedly and I suddenly looked up to stare at his face when something unimaginably happened

    He kissed me!! 


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