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                   STEP-SISTER 👧👩

(🙀😱Madly in love with each other 
       A love we never wished for 💔💗

Dirty romance 


              🎯 Episode 2 🎯


   Her face flushed when she saw me and then she smiled which made all my whole body shook in pleasure 

    I don't even know what's wrong with me cuz I kept on staring at her non-stop

      "Brendan meet your sister... " Dad was saying 
     "Step-sister" she corrected smilingly 

   Her mom eyed her and then turned to look at me

      "Christine this is Brendan" she said pointing at me
     "Hi Brendan" she brought out her hand for a handshake

   I took her palms into mine and Goddamn another sensation was building up inside me

      "Hi Christine " I said and we disengaged our hands from each other

    "Take her to her room" dad ordered and I didn't hesitate doing it

     "Follow me" and she did follow me behind carrying her bag

     "Let me help you" I offered

 And she refused
      "No thanks " 
   I led her upstairs until I was standing infront of a room door next to mine

      "Here is your room" I said opening the door for her and she smiled again making me tremble

     I smiled back staring all over her

   She's beautiful and I can't say for sure but just a moment I've seen her, I can't say what she's doing to me

     "Thanks Brendan, I hope we get along" she said and smiled again dragging her bag behind her into the room

    I followed her from behind walking into the room and she turned to look at me with those eyes I find sexy 

    "What is it?" She asked

   "Anything I can help with " I answered and she smiled again

    "You're very handsome " she complimented and my face turned all red and heated up

     I turned shaky too,

    "Thanks" I replied my self inside me building up in excitement 

    "I mean... You're handsome.... As in... When you smile... Yeah you that way.... " she stuttered.

"I understand " I said trying to help her out with those stutters 

    She nodded and then kept her bag on top of the bed, unzipped it and started unpacking the clothes 

      "Lemme help you " I offered again and she refused again

     "No thanks, I'm good" 

 I watched her put in her clothes into the wardrobe for a while before I decided to leave

      "Meet you downstairs later for breakfast " I said as I got up to go
     "Oh! I suddenly forgot that I never had a meal " she replied smiling broadly

   Does she smile this easily? How beautiful she looks when she smile, 
     "Then I will treat you one... What would you love to take? "
    "Scrambled eggs or... Pancakes is okay " she suggested smiling again forcing me out to compliment her

      "You're so beautiful when you smile"

   Then boom, she blushed so hard and her cheeks all red even though she tried to cover that with her palms

  "Welcome and see you downstairs "

    " Yeah"


What's that strange feeling surging inside me when I first saw him? 

   All my body was burning up at the mere look at his face? 

   He's so cute and I know it but that doesn't explain that weird sensation I'm already having around him

   I nervously hung my clothes the way I dimmed it fit to 

      With him watching me, I felt my legs will make a mistake taking another step 

    What's that?.... 

   Immediately he left, I changed into something lighter like a flay simple pinkish gown of mine and a black wovy flip-flops to match it up

   I came downstairs where everyone was all settled down on the dining table waiting for me

   I found myself taking a seat beside him and inside I was happy that I did so

  While outside me didn't like the idea, at least I should sit beside my mom

       "You look great" he commented and my lips spread out into a wild smile

     "Thanks" I replied still excited about the compliment 

    "Hmm you seem to be getting along already Christine"

His dad said eyeing us both and I kept my face sternly

    "Christine gets along easily with people darling " mom replied her and then started dishing out the meal

     It was pancakes like I once said !

      "Who made this?" I asked eyeing the food as it was been dished out in to plates kept in front of everyone
       "Me" Brendan spoke 
   "I made it for you" he added and all my face flushed into a wild smile 

       "Thanks" I appreciated

   "Awwwwwn! I didn't know you guys will get along pretty soon" his dad said smilingly

      We all smiled together and suddenly a glass cup filled with water dropped to the ground 

    I rushed to hold it and it happened that both of us ended up holding up the cup together with our palms touching

     I just couldn't think for a moment as my eyes was all fixed to his not trying to look away..





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