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               STEP-SISTER 👧👩

(🙀😱Madly in love with each other
        A love we never wished for💔💗

Dirty romance 

                 🎯 Episode 1🎯


     A tap on my my leg made my eyes flutter open and turn on the bed to know who was waking me up this early morning 

     And it was my mom
     I grumbled

  She's fond of it waking me up even before my alarm could ring, I just don't know why she likes doing it

   "Get up Christine, we're moving today"she announced

  And my mind quickly recalled that we're moving to Ned's home today 

       "Get up and wash! " she ordered again and I sheepishly and sluggishly sat up from the bed uncovering the blankets that was covering me before

       "C'mon hurry"
   "Mom I really don't want to move" I voiced out scratching my unhevelled hair

     "You've got to move okay, I don't want to meet u back here and you're still not dressed " she commanded and strolled out of my room

  Arrrggh! I grumbled pushing my head back and forth 
Why are we moving? I don't like this idea of mom's second marriage

   Though my dad died when I was yet to know him but still I'm okay with my mom alone

   She won't get it cuz she loves Ned alot

   I wish something will make them seek for a divorce now that they're married 

    I just wish

    "Are you still there"I heard her voice coming out from downstairs and immediately I hopped down from my bed running into my bathroom for a bath 


I was done washing and dressing up even combing and dressing my long hair

   I started pushing out clothes which are in my wardrobe to my bed so that I could arrange them into my triangular box bag

     After packing up my clothes into the bag, I went to my dressing table and shoved everything on top there into the side zips of my bag and all other stuffs too went in there 

    I pushed the handle out and started dragging it downstairs to go meet my mom.

"There she comes " I heard Ned's voice as soon she saw me coming down from upstairs with my bag

   Mom was all dressed up too and in his arms, cuz when I saw them Ned's hand was on her waist

    "Hey Ned" I called

 I never call him dad or any other sentiments like that
I call him by his name and mom always frowns when I do that 

    And as I predicted, mom's face was angry-looking when she heard me call him that

      "Christine behave! " she ordered 

   I let go of my bag when I came downstairs and then sat on the couch staring at the both of them

      "Where's your son? I haven't seen him for once! "

And that's true, I've never seen him even though mom once promised me we will see each other soon 

    "When we get home, you will see him" he replied 

  Home? His home... That's how he should've put it and not home as if its mine

     "Okay " I replied sighing and trying to lie down on the couch when mom's voice cut me up 

      "Hey! Don't try that, take your bag to the car outside" she commanded and I couldn't help grumbling inside me

     I sluggishly got up, get hold of my bag handle and pushed it out to the red sport Benz parked in the garage


We were on the highway, him driving and mom by his side and I was sitted on the back seat

    "Are you okay Christine? "He asked me again for the umpteenth since we started the journey

    "I'm fine" I replied 

   "You sure? You know you shouldn't worry about a new school because I will get you enrolled in Brendan's school"

Brendan? That's even his name?? 

Never knew.... 

I tossled about on my bed since dad asked me not to go to school today cuz Deanee is moving in with her daughter
     I kept myself busy with my phone all day long waiting for them

💬Hey dude
My friend messaged me

💬hey xup 
I texted back and not long enough he replied 

Not coming to school today? Your bae is damn worried

I know she would be worried, she isn't picking my calls and I can't go see her.

💬I won't be coming to school today 
I texted back

💬Okay then but why

This isn't what I should answer now 
I tried typing a good lie he could buy but changed my mind to tell him the truth

💬my dad's wife is moving in today 

💬owk then see ya

I heaved dropping my phone beside me on the bed

Soon I started hearing shuffles of legs and little noises coming from downstairs

I ignored it and the sound persisted so I got up to go check who that was

   I opened my door came downstairs and my eyes met someone 

Someone my heart fluttered immediately for 

     "Christine pack up your bags"  heard her mom say

    Christine? A wonderful name for the beauty standing infront of me


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