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💍(A new feeling for her)💍

💏Episode 52💏
(Grand finale)

Gray's POV cont'd♥️

‘What do you mean by the baby is coming the baby can't come now?!! Why now?!!'..I asked also very scared and she panted heavily again ..

‘You're asking me??!'..she cried out..

‘Ohhh well okay let's get you to the hospital ASAP,I..I..I uhhh where's Rudolf?? Oh I forgot he left where's uhhh where's my car key!?'...I paced back and forth confused on what to do..

‘Okay let's take it slow and steady,one foot at a time okay??'..I muttered.

‘I don't have time for one foot at a time?!! Gray I can feel the head already!!!'...

‘Really?? Oh God!!'..

An Hour Later ♥️
‘Okay let's go uhh nurse!! My wife she's uh...she's in labor!'..I called at the nurse who was passing by and she quickly called two other nurses who came towards us..

‘You don't have to worry she's going to be okay!! She's safe in our hands now!'..

‘Ohhh okay I uhh Claire be safe!'..was all I could say as she was wheeled into the theatre..

‘I heard she's in labor where is she?'..Her mother came in running alongside Grandma towards my direction ..

‘She's already in the theatre,gosh I'm so scared'..I muttered under my breath..

‘She'll be fine'..Claire reassured me and I smiled deeply...

‘Olay l need to go outside for some fresh air'..

I tapped my feet lightly on the ground and watched a man playing video game and I walked over to where he was..

‘My wife is in labor'..he muttered..

‘And you're playing video games??'.. I asked..

‘Yeah it's my own way of dealing with stress'..He replied and I couldn't help but grab a gamepad and joined him in playing..

He's right...

It's a good way of dealing with stress and anxiety..

‘Gray the baby is here!!!'..I heard Grandma say and I quickly dropped the pad and followed her over to Claire's ward where she was with a little round figuee in her arms..

‘He's so beautiful'..I murmured with tears glazing my eyes...

‘Ohhh Gray,don't cry'..She replied with tears also in her eyes..

‘Hey little guy, it's me your father'..I whispered and kissed my son on his forehead..

‘He has your eyes'.. Claire whispered..

‘And your cute lips, what should we name him??'..i replied..

‘I think Connor is a good name.Connor Gray Montero'..She said and I lowered my head to kiss her..

‘So you ready to be Mr Popular's wife again?? Will you marry me again Claire??'..I asked slipping a ring into her finger..

‘Yes, yes I will'..


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  1. Congratulations to Mr& Mrs Gray.. and welcome to the world of drama Connor
    Thanks Author for this wonderful ride. I learnt to be patient, Calm, Zealous, optimistic and never to give up... my Favorite character was Claire.... Looking forward to another amazing Piece



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