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💍(A new feeling for her)💍

💏Episode 51💏

(Semi Finale)

Clarice's POV 💍

‘Are you miss Clarice??'..a man in a green tank top asked as I sipped my cocktail and I frowned..

‘Yeah who's asking??'..I asked back again..

‘Detective Lance,I would like to ask you some questions involving the death threats and attempted murder of Claire Montero'..He replied and I gulped hard..

‘i certainly do not know who that is thank you officer'..

‘Uhhh okay well then we could just leave Shooter alone then'..He said as I walked away but stopped dead in my tracks...

‘What?? Who...who is that??'..I stuttered loudly and the next thing I knew I was handcuffed..

‘You are under arrest for the attempted murder of Claire Montero ma'am and whatever you say now would be used against you in the court of law'..He said..

‘You can't prove anything!!! I ..I didn't do anything!! You can't prove anything!! Ughhh I did it cause I loved him!! Let me go!'..I screamed at the top of my voice..

‘Ohhh you're going to jail young lady and then you'll learn to stay away from married people's business!'..

Gray's POV💍

Seven months later💍
‘I have to go to work babe'..I groaned loudly as Claire held onto me as I tried to leave the bed..

‘You're warm'..She murmured instead and wrapped her hands around me which made me smile a bit..

‘You are such a piece of work sometimes'..I muttered and kissed her hard on the mouth...

At that same moment she began pulling my tie out of my shirt with my mouth still captured in hers and I groaned a bit cause her lips tasted so good and I was Late for a meeting..

‘Awwww look at them,so cute together'..Grandma cooed as she leaned onto the doorway..

‘Grandma!! Privacy!'..I grumbled again and she backed off....

Ever since Claire's pregnancy advanced she's been super corny and horny at the same time and I have to take care of her every single time..

Clarice was sentenced to five years in prison along with her co-horts and I was so damn happy but partially guilty at the same time..

Why do women always get the wrong signals??...

‘Babe I'm late for work okay'..I pulled myself out and kissed her cheeks and her already protruding belly too..

I was always so mean to her and I almost hated her for getting pregnant but now I realize that it's a very good thing...

Shopping for baby clothes since the doctor said it was a boy....

Listening to Claire's childish tantrums about how fat and lumpy she looks and her cravings also...

‘Be back in five minutes and—

Her voice cut off immediately and she screamed..

‘What is it??'..I asked and she just kept panting heavily...

‘ water just broke I think the baby is...the baby is coming!!'..

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