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💍(A new feeling for her 💍

💏Episode 50💏
(Quarter Finale)

Claire's POV💍

The Next Day ♥️
‘Mmmh what's going on??'..I murmured under my breath…

‘Ohhh my God she's awake!!'..I heard mom scream and the next thing I knew kisses landed on my forehead..

‘What..what is it??'..I asked still weak..

‘You..You almost died yesterday'..She replied and my eyes widened a little bit…

‘I almost died?? But that's not possible I was just doing fine until…..I was doing fine until a nurse came into my room and injected something into my IV'..

‘A nurse?? Did you mean that someone tried to kill you??'..Martin asked and I nodded with a loud gulp..

‘Heeez I've gotta call the cops,this is getting way outta hand'..He muttered and walked away and just at that moment Gray came in….

‘What is he doing here mom?? I don't want him here!'..I cried out..

‘Honey just give him a listening ear okay?? I'll..I'll be outside'..She replied and walked away before I could stop her..


‘Dont call my name, don't come near me you don't have to say anything I'll send the divorce papers to you soon'…I quickly cut in and he sighed deeply..

‘Claire I was stupid,I'm sorry'..

‘You are sorry?? You think sorry is just going to fix this?? Hell no Gray please just leave me alone… can't live with a child and a woman you don't love I get it..I totally get it that's why we have decided to part ways forever!! It's just hard to see that after everything you choose to hurt me this way'..I said in tears...

‘Claire please no!! Please no I didn't mean anything I said before..Claire I'm a stupid man yeah I get it..I've said a lot of stupid things but please don't leave me?? Please let's start over'..He begged as he went on his knees next to me…

‘Uhhh what are you doing??'…I asked and he clasped his hands in mine..

‘The truth is that I'm a coward Claire,I'm a coward for not realizing how I truly feel about you which is that I love you.I loved you right from the day you walked into that party in your red dress.Claire I don't care anymore we could have all the babies in the world but please don't leave me'..He said and I felt tears brimming in my eyes…

He said he loves me..

He said he loves me..


‘Yeah as long as you don't leave me I'll make you the happiest woman in the whole world'..



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