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💍(A new feeling for her 💍

💏 Episode 49💏

Gray's POV💍

Minutes later with Claire still in the theatre Grandma and Mrs Clarkson rushed down the hallway and immediately she saw me a slap landed on my face..

‘i should have never gotten my daughter married to you!! I should've just let her be!!'..She cried out..

‘Please take it easy Marilyn she's going to be okay'..Grandma spoke to her and I also felt my tears brewing in my eyes..

This is all my fault..

I was so terrible to her..

I acted inhumane towards her and she'll never forgive me..

‘Gray can I speak to you for a moment??'..Grandma said to me and I nodded as we both walked away while Martin calmed Claire's mother down..

‘Please explain what is going on??'..

‘She..I was awful to her Grandma this is all my fault,I told her I didn't want a child and that she should abort the pregnancy and—

‘Wait!! Child!! Pregnancy?? Claire is pregnant??'..She exclaimed and I nodded..

‘Yeah she is and I told her I didn't want a child now'.

‘Gray are you out of your mind?! What is wrong with you?!! You finally have the chance to start over with a family and you told her you don't want a child?? Grayson is this because of what happened years ago??'..She asked and a small sigh escaped my lips..

My parents were never there for me…

They were always from one meeting to the other and we don't even spend any holidays together..

It wasn't really a family and I never felt loved by them..


When I clocked 19 they both died in a plane crash which broke my heart to pieces..

Since then I vowed to never get married or have children..

Well until this happened..

‘Ohhh Grayson!'..Grandma cooed as she held my face in her palm..

‘i was super awful to her Grandma,o told her I never loved her which is a very big lie.I love her so much and if she could just wake up I'll tell her exactly that'..I replied..

‘Its okay Gray,When she comes out and is finally okay you get your wife back and make her feel like she's the most important human in your life got it??'..

‘Yeah,got it'

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