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💍(A new feeling for her 💍

💏Episode 48💏

Gray's POV 💍

‘Gray how on Earth could you tell her that?? That she should terminate the pregnancy at a time like this??'..Martin asked as I explained the situation to him…

‘You know my family history and you know everything about me Martin how on Earth am I going to be a father to a child when I don't even love his mother?!'..I replied..

‘Well that's about the dumbest thing I've ever heard in my entire life!! Dude how on Earth can you say you don't love Claire?? All these while I was thinking you've accepted how you really feel about her and now you're saying you don't love her?? That's bizarre!!'..He yelled..

The last thing I need right now is Martin's skepticism..

‘Just leave me alone man I'm seriously not in the mood for any nonsense ! If she wants to go let her go! I don't even care about her or anyone anymore I was meant to be a lonely bachelor and that's what I'm going to be!!'..

‘Well then be that then but you'd regret it!! Your wife clearly has someone trying to kill her and the only way you could try to make her feel better is telling her to—

Martin's voice trailed off as soon as two doctors rushed right past us..

‘Whats going on??'..i asked as they went into Claire's room but shook the thought of anything wrong with her..

‘Get the EKG machine we're loosing her!!' of them shouted it triggered an alarm in my head..

EKG machine??….

Oh my God!!.

‘Wait what is going on??'..I asked one of the nurses..

‘Well we're doing our best to save her and the baby sir!'..She replied and I gasped heavily..

‘What?! But I just left her like five minutes ago!! How on Earth is this possible??'..I asked Martin already feeling nauseated and panicked..

‘Maybe it's trauma or something else but..I thought you said you didn't love her why are you so bothered??'..He replied..

‘Thats my f**king wife that's about to die and you're saying I shouldn't be bothered??'..I snarled and tried going into the room but I was stopped..

‘We thought the bullet wounds was on the surface but I guess we guessed wrong,something seemed to have triggered an internal bleeding of some sort and we have to rush her to the theatre'..The doctor said to me and I instantly bursted into tears..

What have I done??..

What on Earth did I say to her??.

I'm such an idiot!!..

If she wants to keep the child she can keep the child but please God don't let her die..

I'm sorry for not saying the truth I love this woman more than anything in the entire world and I can't bear to loose her..

Please don't die on me Claire..



  1. Now u love 😍 her hug?
    You are really something else.. God please save her for my sake

  2. What kinda Man is this, if she accepts you again, na she know



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