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💍(A new feeling for her)💍

💏Episode 47💏

Claire's POV 💍

Maybe it's cause I didn't do perfect justice to hearing him but did he just say I should abort the child??..

‘Gray did you just say this?? That I should abort the pregnancy?!'..I asked aloud this time around and Gray nodded..

‘Claire you've got to understand where I'm coming from,we are still trying to work on our relationship and having a baby isn't what we need right now'..He added and I couldn't help but Scoff lightly..

‘For once I thought you'd be happy about this for a while and secondly you just proved to me that you're the most insensitive person in the entire universe!!'..

‘Claire you have to understand where I'm coming from I don't want a child!!! Our rocky relationship doesn't need a child right now!!'..He yelled back and laid my back back on the hospital bed..

‘i don't care what you want me to do I seriously don't care but one thing I'm not doing is terminating my pregnancy!! You don't even care if I might die or something for heaven sakes Gray I am two months pregnant and someone is trying to kill me and the best you could do to make me feel better is tell me to abort my baby?!!'..I said aloud in tears and when he tried touching me I slapped his hands away...

How on Earth can he even say our relationship doesn't need a child and that he doesn't want a child??...

This is just so damn painful and irritating to hear..

‘Claire……Look I don't want to have kids!! That should at least be considerate to you?!!'..He blurted out loudly..

‘Well things happen!! When you have s*x for the first time without any form of protection whatsoever it results in a baby!!! You were drunk that night and it wasn't my fault but I just can't do what you ask of me!! You're here telling me to kill my own child!!'…I cried out..

‘Well what were you expecting?!! It's not like I'm in love with you or anything!! How am I supposed to love a child when I don't love it's mother?!'..He fired back and then his harsh words played back in my head over and over again. 

How am I supposed to love a child when I don't love it's mother..

How am I supposed to love a child when I don't love it's mother..

‘Uh is everything okay here??'.. Martin asked as he walked in and I gulped hard..

‘Martin please can I borrow a ride back home I need to pack my things'..I said underneath all the tears that was falling down my eyes…

‘Ohhhh Claire stop acting like a girl you know I didn't—

‘Its okay Gray, it's just okay and I understand you perfectly.. Enjoy your life'..I cut in and turned around..

‘You know what?!! Go away!! I don't need you!!'..He screamed and also stomped off while I just cried my heart out..

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