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💍(A new feeling for her)💍

💏Episode 43💏

Claire's POV cont'd💍

’Okay Claire just calm down it's just paint and not blood—i hop e'...Emma said trying to calm me down as I paced around the room..

‘Are you being serious?!! Someone has been sending me death threats for three days now and you're telling me this?? The court hearing was supposed to be today but Gray's lawyer is handling the situation and the divorce case is being withdrawn yet someone wants to kill me?? Can't I enjoy my marriage in peace??'..I cried out..

‘We should involve the police'..Mark suggested and I nodded..

‘yeah..yeah you're right I'll have Jeff file a police report about this threats and maybe everything would be okay yes'..I breathed heavily and slumped onto my chair..

This is just so frustrating!!..

Just when I'm beginning to enjoy my marriage someone from nowhere starts threatening me and I can't do anything about it..

Ughhh who keeps sending these messages..

Gray's POV💍

At Night 🌌
I walked into the room all tired and a little bit drowsy when Claire came out of the bathroom looking also tired and like she had been crying...

‘Whats wrong??'..i asked..

‘its nothing'..She replied in an hoarse tone..

‘Claire you can't tell me it's nothing cause you're all looking worn out'..I muttered dropping my jacket on the edge of the bed and she launched herself at me in tears..

‘I'm just tired of everything!! Like our marriage is finally working but someone keeps sending me death threats to leave you alone and then there's work and—

‘Hold up!! Did you just say someone is sending you death threats??'..I cut in and she nodded.

‘It started two days ago'.

‘Jesus Christ Two days ago?? Seriously??'..I flared up..

Like how on Earth could she not tell me this the moment it started happening?!..

‘Yeah first I got a text saying DIVORCE GRAY OR DIE but I ignored it thinking it might just be a crazy fan of yours but then yesterday another one in a box saying the same thing!!! I ignored it for a while and then when you dropped me at the office this morning it was boldly painted on my glass wall in red'..She explained..

‘Have you involved the police??'..I asked tightening my grip around her body and she nodded..

‘Yeah a report was filed but I'm still scared to death like who on Earth doesn't want us to be together??'..

‘Hmmm it's okay you need to forget about this a little bit okay?? Let's just go out to have sushi or whatever at least something to take your mind off things for a little while'..I said kissing her hair..

‘I don't know I don't want to go out,I just want to stay in bed with you'..She murmured and I smiled..

‘We could have you know...

‘I'm not in the mood,I just want to snuggle close to you that's all'..She blatantly refused and a frown creased my brow but was short lived..

‘Hmmm okay let me go change'..I said..

‘No stay here with me'..She replied hugging me more tightly..

‘But you said you wanted me to snuggle close to you?? How am I supposed to do that with me all sweaty and stiff??'..I asked..

Women and their problems..

‘Hust take off your clothes,I love your smell'..She muttered and I sighed..

‘Okay fine but let me go a bit so I can do that'..

‘No I don't want to'..




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