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Xavier's pov

I stare around the house that I'm successfully managed to land myself in.

I don't know why I had come here but I knew that I have to see her, I have to get her out of my mind and I have to understand why she keeps on coming to my mind every second that passes by. I need to understand why I keep seeing her everywhere.

I gently tap against the door and there's response. I try once again and the door is finally opened but not by whom I had wanted it to be opened by and not by whom I had been expecting, it's entirely another one who opened the door.

A slightly old woman whom I think should be her mom because she's always calling her.

"Good morning young man. How can I help you please?"

It is her mom. Their accent are almost the same and their face looks quite alike too.

"Good morning ma'am and I'm very sorry to disturb you at such early morning but I will like to see Michelle please."

I respond to her and she stares at me for a few minutes, looking up and down at me before nodding her head then opening the door wide and stepping aside for me to step in through.

"Michelle,come down here. There's someone who wants to meet you."

She yells as she closes the door back and that's when her own voice comes.

The voice that I've been dying to hear once again, the voice that I've missed so much without even realizing it. That's the one that came.

"Mom, if it's Angela then tell her to come upstairs to my room. I'm practising."

She yells right back and even though it is that she yelled. Her voice sounded so angelic in my ears and I wanted to hear more of it.

"It's not Angela Michelle. It's a man, a man is here to see you so I suggest you get your ass off that bed and get the hell down here to take a look at who has come to talk to you!"

She yells right back at her and she didn't say anything else.

I thought that she might have figured out that I'm the one and do not want to come down but that changed immediately I start hearing footsteps and my heart beats faster with each step that she takes.

I'm been so nervous and I don't even know the fuck why? Maybe because it's been so long that I've actually seen her or maybe it's because I just can't help but to grow more and more anxious with every step that she takes because I don't know how she would react with me been here.

"Mom, j told you already that..."

She stops talking immediately her eyes wanders around the room and her gaze stops on me.

Damn! If she hadn't grown so much beautiful than the last time we saw.

     TBC ♥️

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