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Michelle's pov

Without thinking, I run over to him. Running right into his arms and I thought that he was going to push me away but he didn't and instead he wraps his arms around my waist while I sob heavily on his chest.

"I'm so sorry."

He mutters as he pats my hair and I finally raise my gaze up to look at him, he's staring at me and once again he has that look across his face. I hate that look, the look that says he's sorry and that says he pities me. I hate that look so much.

I move back instantly as if he had stabbed me and he tries to grab my hand but I move even further away from him, creating as much space as possible between us as though he's a plague that I needed to avoid.


He calls and I hate him so much at that moment.

I hate the way he makes me feel whenever he says my name.

I hate the way my body feels wherever he's around. I hate everyone of them and all I want at the moment is for it all to just stop.

I don't think I can handle the pain any longer. I just can't, I need it to stop. I needed them to stop.

"I'll go. I'll go to your house and pack everything then I will leave."

"Michelle, I..."

"You don't have to say anything. I know that the only reason you need me is to her the company back from your father but since your real love is back, you don't have to pretend with me anymore. I will be going."

I mutter before proceeding to move away from him and walk out of the restroom when he had pulled me back, he spinned the both of us and I ended up been pinned against the wall.

"You're right. The only reason I needed you was because I need to get my father's company back which I've gotten and that means I don't really need you anymore."

He says and breathes against my face while my heart do a thump against my chest.

I guess I knew that before but it just hurts more when he says it like that.

"Listen here Michelle.. I don't want you to feel like I used you..."

"You didn't. You told me from the start what the contract is and I'm the one that agreed to it so you don't have to feel like you used me or anything."

"Then why are you making me feel that way."

"I'm not, I'm only trying to tell you that I'll remove myself from your life and there's no need for you to tell me because that's what you need me to do."

"Then why are you crying."

Because it hurts.

Because I've fallen in love with you.

     TBC ♥️.

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