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Michelle's pov

I never really thought that something could have hurt this much. All my life, I've always been accustomed to pain and suffering even from my own mother who doesn't think that I can be of any importance to her. Every single day she say things that hurts me. Things that remains like a scar to my heart and refuse to just let go.

 Things that shouldn't be said to your own daughter but I don't think mom cared that much.

Though I do not really blame her because I understand how she felt. It was only her left after dad just decided to disappear out of the blue and I was been such a burden to her. 

She probably felt too much responsibility all on her own and I wasn't helping matters either but that doesn't stop it from hurting so much.

All those pains, I had managed to handle them all but this.. This pain that I'm feeling right here and right now. This pain that just hurts like hell and has refuse to let me go. I don't think thatt I would be able to handle it.

This pain is different. I don't know how different it is but I know that it's different from the pains that I feel when my mom disregard me, it's different from the pains that I feel when my mom makes me feel like a burden to her.

This pain is different and it's almost as if it pierces directly into my soul and take me right down. It hurts a lot.

It hurts when he had let go of me and didn't even care about me anymore when he laid eyes on her.

It hurts even more with the way that I had walked away from them and he didn't seem to care. It's not like he cares either ways before but it does with the fact that I had left. Left him in there with her. The girl that he has always love and perhaps, the girl that he'll always love.

It hurts when he came in and she followed right behind him like a shell would follow right after the snail and like a pet would follow right after its master.

It hurts when he had looked me in the eye and all I could see is pity for me and love with adoration for her. Something that I've never been able I get from him.

This isn't my life. He isn't mine and he never would be. I was stupid to have even thought for a second that I could win him over.

It's time to get out of my fantasy.

I sigh as I allow the tears to just roll freely on their own when the door had opened and I slowly raise my head to look at him standing by the door, staring at me.

I lost every ounce of self control.

     TBC ♥️.

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