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        Michelle's pov

It was like a dream. One moment we are kissing and I couldn't be any more glad because this is the closest that he has ever come to me.

The way his arms wrapped around my waist and the way he had held me so close to himself. Everything felt like a dream until that voice came.

I thought it was just one of the staffs that have come to inform us the show is about to start until I saw the most beautiful woman that I've ever seen in my entire life.

She is so beautiful that her beauty radiated everywhere. She was slim, not that slim but slim enough and her curves shoots out from the dress that she wears which holds and hugs tight to her body.

Her hair flowed nicely as she walks and stops, staring at us.

I have never seen someone so beautiful. Who the hell is she?


Xavier has muttered and I knew that he knows him and I also knew at that moment that she isn't just a friend to him.

The way her eyes had shined when he stares at her and the love that filled his eyes make me know that she's more than just a friend to him but then that name resounded in my head once again.


And I remembered everything.

"She cheated on me but she's dead. Skylar was my Ex girlfriend."

"I've never loved anyone as much as I loved Skylar."

"I feel like Skylar is the only one for me."

"Skylar stole him away from me in the first place but I'm not going to allow you to do that. Never because you aren't even worth it "

"Xavier loved Skylar more than any guy could have ever loved any girl. What he felt for her was more than love and I don't think it could ever die."

So this is the Skylar. The Skylar that everyone of them have been talking about.

How would I ever dare to stand against her when she's looking like that? I will never.

I thought he would have dropped me by now but he didn't and I don't know if that should give me a little happiness or not.

Her heels clicked off the floor in a quiet low tone that sounded so lovely as she makes her way towards us.

"I told you I was going to come back, didn't I?"

She smiles at Xavier before taking a step closer to us.

She takes another step then stops, her gaze going over to me while I gulp in, my heart beating faster against my chest.

She just stares at me and I felt so embarrassed of myself. Me to her? Definitely impossible.

"But when I had said I was going to come, I didn't knew that you could have moved on so fast. Is that how much I mean Xavier?"

She turns her gaze back to Xavier and what I didn't expect happened.

He suddenly dropped me and I almost fell but I'm glad I was close to the wall in the first place.

I raise my gaze to him but he isn't even looking at me to see if I'm alright.

At that moment I knew, she's the one he wants and I'm never going to have a chance. 


     TBC ♥️.

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