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        Michelle's pov

I sigh before forcing my eyes open and staring around where I am.

I groan because my head hurts so badly. So terribly and I don't even have a idea of what. What the hell happened yesterday and where the hell am I?

I groan, standing up and sitting on the bed. I'm just hallucinating because there's no way that I could be inside Xavier's room and he isn't even anywhere to be found.

I turn to my side and a small gasp slides through my throat as I stare at his picture and I'm really here. I'm really inside Xavier's room and where the hell is he.

I groan before holding onto my head once again, my head hurts so terribly and I can't even remember what the hell happened. How the hell did I ended up in Xavier's room, where is Xavier and what happened last night? The last thing I remembered is me at the party and then... Oh God! I shouldn't have took all those drinks. God! I hope that I didn't do anything crazy or even day something stupid.

Xavier is so going to kill me. He's going to be so angry at me.

God! Why the hell did I even got drunk in the first place?!

I let out a small sigh before standing up and making my way towards the bathroom, staring into the mirror and I look like shit.

My hair are all in the wrong places and there are bangs under my eyes, I'm so glad that I didn't do makeup last night before going to the party. I'm sure I would have looked even more worse than this.

I mentally faceslap myself before cursing underneath my breath and moving out of the bathroom after splashing water on my face.

What a way to go Michelle. You promised you would behave well at the party and make sure that you at least try to get close to Xavier but instead you had ruined everything and got drunk, giving him more work to do and probably stressing the fuck out of him.

Way to go Michelle. So much way to go.

I move toward the door and stop, staring at it.

Now, I'm even afraid to go out and stand before him.

What if he's angry at me?

What if he doesn't want to talk to me?

What if he yells at me?

God! This is so damn frustrating.

Before I could grab the knob to open the door, it opens itself and because I was near the door, the door moves backwards, colliding with my forehead and I groan before tripping back but strong arms goes around my waist and I breathe in the scent that's Xavier.

     TBC ♥️.

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