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👑🔞(30 days more)👑🔞
    👑🔞Episode 60👑🔞


A week later Nicki was seen in the pool with her hair all messed up and Natalie sleeping in her baby pram when Steve walked in…

‘Hey babe'..He muttered but Nicki clearly ignored him even though she heard him pretty loud and clear..

‘Nicki??'..He called this time and she turned around slightly..

‘Ohh hi'..She murmured as she slipped into her robe and walked over to a piece of paper on the chair and handed it over to him..

Apparently it was a slightly disturbing letter..


Let me love you Steve ♥️
You don't love your baby
She's just a toy you use♥️
Let me love you Steve♥️
Call me;

‘What is this??'..He asked.

‘I think I should be asking you that question Steve'..Nicki replied..

‘For heavens sake Nicki you think I'm cheating on you?? I would never cheat on you and you should know me by now'...He said and then Nicki rolled her eyes..

‘i..I..I just don't want anyone taking you away from me!! My heart is on the line here'...She whimpered and he drew her closer into his arms..

‘No one is taking you away from me sweetheart'…He whispered and kissed her forehead..

‘So I was thinking.Should we spend Christmas together here in Australia or we should go back to Chicago??'..He asked..

‘Hmmmm anywhere you take me I'll follow'..She replied and before their lips could touch Natalie started crying...

‘I feel like our daughter hates the attention taken away from her'...Steve groaned and in a moment they both bursted into laughter..

‘Let's go to the park'..Nicki suggested and he smiled deeply as his hands dug into his pockets..

The red velvet box was containing a pure twelve carat diamond ring on which he was planning to give to his woman on Christmas Eve which was tomorrow...

He wanted to propose.



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