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👑🔞(30 days more)👑🔞
   👑🔞Episode 59👑🔞

‘I..I love..I love you too'..The words rolled out of Nicki's mouth as Steve wrapped his arms around her waist and drew her closer...

‘You do?? Seriously??'..He asked and she nodded..

Looking at each other lovingly their lips touched romantically and as things got intense Natalie let out a cry..

‘Awww man?'..Steve groaned and Nicki let out a chuckle as she went back to the little five month old who obviously didn't like the attention being taken away from her…

‘Okay little pumpkin let's go have our bath will we??'..Nicki whispered as she carried the little girl to the bathroom for her night bath..


Minutes later Natalie was asleep and Nicki was already tired to the core as she came outside of the room only for Steve to wrap his body around hers…

‘So now that we have finally confessed to each other that we love each other can we take this to the bedroom??'..He replied and she rolled her eyes..

‘Shouldnt we wait a bit?? I feel like everything is going way too fast'..she whispered..

‘Is this way too fast?'..Steve asked as his hands went under her gown and caressed her thighs which tingled her senses a little bit..

‘Merry early Christmas'..He whispered as he carried her up in his arms towards the bedroom and put to work immediately by pinning her to the wall and kissing the hell out of her body……

‘I love you'..He breathed heavily as he took her from the wall to the bed where he tore off every single piece of clothing she was wearing….

Nicki gasped lightly as his mouth wolfed down sumptously on her nipple laving,biting and teasing her so good that she had to grab onto something like the bedsheet so as not to scream out in pleasure or wake up their child...

‘I couldn't hold myself back'..Steve whispered again as he didn't waste enough time and slipped into her lightly..

‘S..Steve..Ste…Steve protection'..She stuttered and he smiled..

‘If I get another child with you I don't care Nicki'..


‘Yes'..He replied and his mouth took her in again as he thrusted more deeply and speedily into her leaving her speechless..

‘Mine'..He whispered as he collapsed on top of her..

‘Mine'..She also whispered as she drifted off to sleep….

Well it wasn't long until Natalie started crying and their eyes popped right open..

‘We need to get her a nanny'..

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