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👑🔞(30 days more)👑🔞
    👑🔞Episode 58👑🔞

‘But seriously what's your problem with her Danika'..Cindy asked her friend who was busy enjoying the feeling of her cocaine…

‘Not like I don't like her or anything I just want her out of my way you see?? I've been Steve's assistant for almost a year and I'm planning on becoming his wife so I don't care about some Canadian immigrant and her daughter coming in to ruin my plans'..Danika replied..

‘Seriously Danika?? The guy doesn't even know you or notices you apart from the fact that your name is Danika who what's the problem about?? And as you said he has a daughter with this Nicki girl so what?? You better come out of your fantasy girl'..Cindy told her friend who wasn't ready to accept the truth…


It was few minutes to 6pm and Nicki was seated few feet away from Steve who was busy playing with Natalie and her rattle..

There was something about the way his face brightened up and she loved it no doubt..

She shouldn't have yelled at him the way she did in the morning and it kinda made her feel bad about herself...

‘Steve can we talk??'..She asked..

‘Are you sure about that?? Cause I don't want any trouble'..He replied and a sigh escaped her lips..

‘Steve I'm sorry about snapping at you like that this were only looking out for me and I was utterly frustrated by the new you'..

‘The new me??'..

‘Yeah the new nice,willing,helpful, sweet and more sexier you'..She said but his ears only picked the sexier part..

‘Hmmm so you think I'm more sexier hmmm??'..He whispered as he walked closer and she nodded..

‘Nicki there is something I've been meaning to tell you for a long time'.

‘what is it??'..Nicki asked..

‘Well uhh when you left I was angry but it wasn't because you left Chicago..Well part of it was'..He said..

‘So why were you mad??'…

‘Well it was cause I loved you and I...I still love you'..He said and Nicki gasped heavily..

He loved her??..

Did he just say he loved her??..



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