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👑🔞(30 days more)👑🔞
    👑🔞EPISODE 56👑🔞

Few minutes into 2am Nicki woke up as soon as she heard the cry of Natalie and walked over to the nursery but thankfully Steve was already there..

She leaned onto the doorway and couldn't help but smile as Steve moved around trying to make his daughter sleep and in a minute Natalie fell back asleep..

He placed her back inside her cot and then jolted a bit as soon as he saw Nicki.

‘So a mob boss can but a baby to sleep, interesting'..She teased and he rummaged his hair..

‘Well she's asleep now you can go to bed'..

‘Yeah but I need a cup of hot cocoa for a moment'..She replied and walked over to the kitchen…

He followed her clearly acting Oblivious to the flimsy nightie she was wearing…

‘Nicki I..I uhh I don't want to intrude in your private life or anything but were you in any relationship for the year??'..He asked..

‘ I wasn't'..She replied and sat on the couch next to him..

She was tired,he noticed from how lazily she was acting..

‘Mmmh I just wanted to ask to know if I would be sharing any—

His voice was cut off as soon as he realized that she had already fallen asleep without touching her cocoa..

‘Nicki?? Nicki wake up'..he whispered tapping her shoulder but she didn't budge..

After a few minutes of tapping he carried her bridal style towards her room when she murmured against his chest..

‘I want to sleep next to you'..

‘Me?? Are you sure??'..He asked and she nodded weakly but still with her eyes closed..

It wasn't what he had in mind but he would take it anyway if it meant being one inch closer to his woman..

She might not agree with the tittle but deep down she knew she was his and his alone..

He was the first man that touched her and she was his and no man else's..

He dropped her on the right side of the bed and went to the other side,took of his shirt and laid down next to her,turned off the lights and then drifted off to sleep…

‘Closer'..Nicki murmured and his eyes popped open..

‘What??'..He asked and in reply and climbed on top of him and went back to sleep with her head rested on his chest…

This was lovely as it was also a punishment to him when his erection became more painful and he just pushed it aside…

His arms wrapped around her waist and with his lips on her hair they both drifted off into deep sleep...



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