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"95 DAY" EPISODE 53"


👑🔞(30 days more)👑🔞
    👑🔞 Episode 53👑🔞

‘Nicki!!!'..Steve yelled again and when his daughter started laughing he couldn't help but smile too..

‘Ohhh my God did she just do that??'..Nicki asked half amused and half embarrassed about what their daughter did..

‘Yeah she peed on me'..Steve chuckled as the little girl giggled again...

‘Let me help you change her'..She offered and he nodded backing off…

Another reason why kids weren't his specialty but he was going to make sure he made an effort...

‘Steve please ughhh please uhh can you help me hold her I need to use the bathroom'..Nicki called again and he nodded..

Once he took Natalie again she started laughing all over and he couldn't help but smile knowing that his daughter was happy in his arms..

‘She's turning five months tomorrow'..Nicki said just for clarification and went into the bathroom…


Minutes later she came back and leaned her head onto the doorway seeing Steve and Natalie all coozed up and asleep..

His head was resting on the chair while Natalie's was on his chest sleeping soundly and Nicki couldn't help but cry..

Danny was right...

Natalie needed a father figure in her life and Steve wasn't stable enough but he was willing to try for the sake of her...

She still loved him..

That controlling personality..

That masculinity,he still had those traits and she still wanted him…

She wanted him to make her feel just like he used to when they were in Australia..

The BDSM..

The pleasure she wanted to feel all that again but did Steve want her back the exact same way she wanted him???…

‘Mmmmmmh'..She heard him murmur and opened his eyes…

‘Sorry I didn't know i—

‘Nah it's okay you don't have to say anything you both look cute in each other's arms'...Nicki cut in .

‘Hmmmmm I wouldn't like to be noticed as cute'.. Steve said in a laugh and she smiled…

She wanted to act natural and hold herself as possible..

The last thing she wanted was getting all pumped up and ready to jump into bed with him even knowing that she wanted him badly…

She didn't want to look cheap in front of Steve..

‘Nicki??'..Steve interluded her thoughts….


‘Is it being too fast or am I being too fast to say that I want you??'..

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