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(Crazy Oppas Season Two❤️)
(Coming out stronger❤️)
❤️Episode 22❤



‘With the evidence presented by the police and the prosecutor you both are hereby sentenced to life imprisonment with hard labor for the mass murder of Lin Woo,Seo Joo,Bong din and others and also for the fraudulent activities leading to bankruptcy...This is my judgment'..The judge said as he finally hit the gavel and everyone stood up...

‘You caused this!! You filled me with stupid hatred and now you've ruined my life!!'..MK screamed at his mother who showed no sign of remorse as the officers led her out of the courtroom...

Cameras flashed as she was transported into another vehicle which would take her to the central prison...

‘You caused this!!!'..MK still screamed as he fought with the wardens who tried to bundle him into the cage..

He was still proving difficult and with great annoyance he was tasered to sleep...


Two more months later Shin Woo was awoken by the sound of Min's stifled moans which was irritating to his ears...

‘Hey if you need something tell me now'..He groaned grabbing a shirt and she turned around..

‘It's nothing much I'm just having cringes that's all'...She murmured..

‘Mmmmh you're sure?? Cause i have to leave for my meeting with Ainsoft'..He asked again and she nodded...

He wanted a new career path and he found it..


He wanted to own a game company..

As a kid and even as an adult no one could beat him in any Ainsoft game and since he was popular they wanted to use him as a muse for a new game but...He wanted to buy the company..

‘Are you sure she's okay?'..Kim asked as he came into the room glancing at Min who was gripping the sheets...

‘Yeah just cramps that's all'..Shin replied and he left with his brother..


Few minutes later Shin was looking on with admiration as Kim explained the reason for wanting to buy Ainsoft and why it would be profitable to them when he received a call from Min...

πŸ“±:What's the meaning of this Min?? I thought I...

πŸ“²:Lila!!! It's Lila!!'..Min cut in and he frowned..

?πŸ“±:What do you mean??'..

πŸ“²:I mean my water broke few minutes ago!! The baby is coming Shin and I'm home and i don't know what to do!!'..

πŸ“±':What?! I'll be on my way!!'..He said aloud,signalled Kim go get on with the presentation...

His Lila was on her way to the world and nothing can ever stop him from reaching over.

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