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Season 4

Episode 47

(Showed each other affection)

Emily broke away from Jacob's arms when Sam and the police arrived. She looked weak, as if she had no life left in her.

It was so close. Both of their lives were at stake few moments ago.

Jacob carried Emily into the car, and insisted that Emily be checked up thoroughly. After their near-death experience, since neither Emily nor Jacob was capable of driving, Sam volunteered to drive for them to the hospital.

After they arrived at the hospital, Jacob got off the car with Emily in his arms and dashed into the emergency room. Judging from his nervous look, the doctors in the emergency room got nervous and thought that the girl in his arms was either seriously hurt or on the verge of death. They immediately arranged for her to get checked up.

When they got the results, the attending physician reported to Jacob, "Mr. Gu, this young lady may have gotten frightened by a traumatic experience. But apart from that, everything is fine with her. All she needs right now is to have a good rest. If she still has body aches later on, you can bring her back at any time."

All the doctors involved, were distressed and worried until the attending physician announced the test results. Relieved, they couldn't help but complain secretly, "Oh my God! This is so typical of rich people. Just making a fuss for nothing. Ridiculous!"

"Oh, thank God!" Jacob heaved a sigh of relief, but he still held Emily so tight that no one could separate them.

Emily had returned to her senses, but she could hardly breathe of be Jacob's hug.

As she struggled to get away from him, Emily accidentally touched his face. When she felt his face burning up, she asked with surprise, "Why is your face so hot? Do you have a fever?"

"I don't care if I do," he said. Jacob lowered his face and gazed deep into her eyes. He was driven by strong emotions, as if nothing could take his eyes away from her. He loosened his hands reluctantly when he realized that he was cutting her blood circulation.

Emily reached out her hand to feel his forehead. "Your forehead is burning," she said.

"I know."

"Why didn't you tell me earlier?"

"Well." "Why don't you take care of yourself?"

Emily's soft hand caressed his forehead tenderly, her skin as smooth as a jade, bringing him a sense of calm and serenity.

"I enjoy being with you more," he answered. Jacob smiled, tightly holding her soft hands close to his chest. He was glad to see just how much Emily cared for him. He enjoyed every single moment of it.

"Nonsense! I think you've lost your mind because of your fever," she said. Emily drew her hands back and turned to the doctor who was standing beside them and looked embarrassed, "Doctor, he seems to have high fever. Would you mind checking his condition?"

The doctor did his best to hide his embarrassment and pretended as if nothing had happened, "Of course. I will have a look at his vitals."

"No. I don't need a doctor," said Jacob. He looked at Emily and said, "I want you to diagnose and treat my illness."

"Are you kidding? I am not a doctor," she said.

"My illness can only be healed by you. I don't need any doctor or medicine. I just need you," he said.

Emily didn't know how to respond to him.

The doctor stood there like a third wheel, eager to get away from their drama as soon as possible, as he reluctantly watched them flirting with each other.

"Have you lost your mind? Don't be silly," Emily said. She grabbed a thermometer from the doctor and handed it to Jacob. "Listen to me, take this," she demanded.

Jacob took the thermometer like an obedient child and put it in his mouth. After five minutes, the thermometer indicated that Jacob was coming up with a bad fever.

"You have a high fever, Jacob," Emily frowned, looking concerned.

After reading the thermometer, the doctor pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose and said to Jacob, "Mr. Gu, I am afraid you'll have to get a transfusion to bring down this fever. Otherwise, it will infect your lungs."

Emily glanced at Jacob and then turned to the doctor, "Okay, doctor. Please prepare for his transfusion. Thank you very much."

It was quite late at night. Jacob lay in the bed of a private ward, while Emily kept him company. A nurse walked in with the infusion liquid and accessories for Jacob, before she left the room quietly.

There was pin-drop silence in the room. It was so quite that the sound of fluid dripping from the infusion bottle resonated within their ears.

After a long time, Emily broke the silence, "Er, do you know what was wrong with the car?"

Jacob curled his lips, "I think someone messed with the car brakes."

"Who would do such a thing?" Emily gasped.

"It's hard to say. I have a long list of people who want me dead," Jacob answered.

"Maybe you weren't the target," Emily scoffed. "Maybe someone wanted me dead," she added. Emily knew that she had quite a few enemies in the city too.

If nothing else, Jacob could never forgive a threat on Emily's life. "I will get to the bottom of this. No matter who was behind the car accident, I promise that it will never happen again," he assured.

Emily didn't respond to him. She lowered her eyes, and lost herself in deep thoughts.

"We will talk about it tomorrow. You must get some rest now," Jacob suggested.

Emily shook her head slowly and looked up at the infusion bottle. "No, I will wait until the infusion is completed. You'd better get some sleep," she said.

Jacob squeezed her hands and whispered, "I'm afraid that you'll leave me when I'm asleep."

Emily never expected to see Jacob behave like that. Perhaps he was just like everyone else, vulnerable, weak and in desperate need of love.

"I promise that I will not leave you. I will stay right here," she said softly. "You can rest assured," she added.

In truth, Jacob was dead tired. Between the long hours on his way back and the horrible experience he had faced earlier, Jacob was in dire need of rest.

Jacob, however, was reluctant to set his sights away from Emily. He watched her fervently until his eyelids could barely keep open and then he drifted off to sleep quickly.

After he fell asleep, Emily shifted her eyes towards the infusion bottle. The liquid inside dripped one drop at a time.

After a while, another nurse came in and replaced the old infusion bottle with a new one for Jacob. Meanwhile, Emily sent a message to the babysitter, asking her to spend the night with Beryl, as she wouldn't be coming back home tonight.

The babysitter quickly texted back with a "yes".

It was a long night indeed. Emily sat next to Jacob's bed, propping her chin up with one hand. She was exhausted too but she forced herself not to fall asleep.

As time went by slowly, she couldn't fight back the urge to rest her eyes any longer.

After a while, Jacob opened his eyes and looked around to search for Emily. When he saw her sleeping soundly, with her head leaning up against the side of the bed, his nerves eased up and he stroked her face gently.

Jacob discreetly asked the nurse to remove the syringe for him before getting off the bed. He then carefully carried Emily to the bed and covered her with a quilt.

With great love in his eyes, he kissed her forehead and said, "Sweet dreams, babe."

Jacob was tempted to sleep next to Emily, but he decided against it. Apart from the fact that the bed was too small to accommodate two persons, Jacob wanted Emily to have a comfortable rest, especially, after the terrible ordeal she had been through.

A sliver of moonlight spilled into the room, as Jacob took Emily's hand to his and watched her sleep peacefully.

The next morning when Emily woke up, she was surprised to find herself lying on the bed, while Jacob was sleeping by the bedside.

Emily caught Jacob's handsome profile from her side, resting away peacefully.

His long, bushy eyelashes cast a small shadow on his face, and every inch of his face was strong and defined, as if moulded from granite.

Emily was attracted by his face and she hadn't looked at him closely like this for a long time. She took out one of her hands from Jacob's grip and put it on his forehead to feel the temperature.

'Thank God! His fever is gone, ' Emily felt relieved.

Emily fetched a blanket from the nurse and put it over Jacob. She then fixed her hair and her clothes before walking out of the room.

Before leaving the hospital, Emily called Sam to come over and look after Jacob.
Jacob opened his eyes after Emily left. Looking at the blanket covering him, he reached out his hands to touch it and then smiled with satisfaction.

In truth, he woke up from sleep when Emily got off the bed, but he pretended to be asleep until she left the room. He knew that his men would keep an eye on her secretly along the way.

Emily promised him that she wouldn't leave him, but she still left.

However, he wasn't saddened by her actions this time, because he had already decided to spend the rest of his life trying to win her back.


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