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Season 4

Episode 45

(The Beautiful fairy falls into my arms)

Everything was subject to confidentiality before the sponsorship was announced. Leona thought that she was sure to win, but she was hit with an unexpected, straight slap to the face when they announced the winner of the sponsorship.

Meanwhile, Emily had been making intense preparations just before the Starry Night Model Competition had commenced.

Once the glamorous models stepped on the runway to the rhythm of the music, all the cameras focused on them, making multiple "clicking" noises.

People all over the media and the fashion industry began to whisper amongst themselves.

"That jewelry on the model is very chic, and it compliments her dress so perfectly."

"I heard that the sponsor for this competition is Lu Jewelry."

"Lu Jewelry? That doesn't seem to ring a bell. However, things will be totally different for Lu Jewelry after the competition."

Indeed, the reputation of Lu Jewelry would soar through the skies, leaving its competitors to bite the dust. At the very least, it would become a first-class, celebrated luxury brand, completely opening itself to the markets of Country Z.

All of these were the great benefits of being a part of "Starry Night".

Leona didn't go to the event, instead she bore the torture by watching the live broadcast of the event. The more she dwelled on the notion of Emily the blacker her heart was, and the more she wanted her to fail and be miserable. Emily, that bitch, went and won herself the sponsorship secretly. The opportunity should have belonged to Leona!

Moreover, even the Lin branded designer clothes that Starry Night had originally decided to use was pulled out in the last minute because of Emily. They picked another famous luxury brand and the reason they gave Leona was that the adopted brand was more in line with the style of Lu Jewelry!

That damned Emily was in her way again!

Soon after, the Starry Night Model Competition was coming to an end, and the last model was ready to get on stage.

The music slowed down, as Emily gradually stepped out under the spotlight. She wore a lilac strapless, gauzy dress. Creamy sheets of silk slipped onto her thighs, and a circle of gauze on the outer skirt, peppering her straight long legs with soft kisses.

When she walked to the end of the runway, the gauzy dress looked like a layer of light fog that had encased her body, as if she were a beautiful and unworldly spirit in the forest.

The dark purple pendant on her neck drew attention towards her. The gems refracted beautiful, bright light under the spotlight, looking absolutely breathtaking.

With all eyes on her, it was without a doubt, the last model who took their breath away with a big surprise!

Emily effortlessly captured the spotlight, turning the crowd from content to jubilant.

However, as the blinding lights caught Emily off guard, she slipped and fell off the stage in her 12cm high heels!

The audience gasped, and soon followed it with loud screams. Even as she fell, Emily managed to keep her graceful disposition intact. The whole scene played out like slow motion sequence in the movies!

A fairy falling on Earth from the Heavens.

It was what all the people thought at the moment.

Emily subconsciously closed her eyes, ready for the pain and embarrassment to rush in, but instead, she fell into the embrace of a pair of warm arms. The familiar breath she felt on her face relieved her nerves instantly.

"A fairy has fallen into my arms." Emily heard the man chuckle gently, followed by the crescendo of clicking noises from the cameras that witnessed the scene. "I......" Emily's cheeks blushed, finding herself at a loss for words. The man gently held her tiny waist and lifted her up to the stage slowly.

"Wow..." Someone from the audience screamed.

Emily lowered her head and looked at the man standing under the stage. She pressed her lips together, before she stood up and kept on the performance.

Jacob gazed at the woman on the runway deeply. As if they were glued to Emily, his eyes never swayed from her.

As if she were a bright star, Emily stood on stage like a promise of life in the darkness, sparkling with confidence.

In that moment, Jacob knew that she was still the same girl he had fallen in love with all those years ago. This was Emily in her truest form.

When Jacob found out that Emily had managed to win the sponsorship for Starry Night, he thought about helping her in secret. However, after careful consideration, he decided otherwise.

Jacob realized that Emily was capable of accomplishing her goals by her own efforts, instead of his help.

Having grown independent and self-reliant, she could leap forward into any obstacle without anyone's help.

Emily had really grown up, mature and independent.

While he was gradually growing old. Meanwhile, no one noticed Tina sitting in the audience, wearing a mask and a baseball cap, shooting pictures with her expensive camera.

However, this time, the subject of her photography was not Jacob, it was Emily, the star on the stage. Tina's eyes sparkled excitedly at the sight of Emily, as if she had found an interesting toy. Tina had never seen this side of Emily before.

She was very amused.

One that draws the attention of everyone, also ends up drawing the attention of dangerous people.

At the same time, Leona was watching Starry Night on the television in her villa.

When she caught sight of Emily on stage, she went into a frenzy of rage and threw a glass ashtray at the TV screen. "Bang!"

Emily on screen was out of her sight, but the jealousy and resentment in Leona's heart was still burning bright.

Why didn't that bitch die yet? Emily's entire existence was a blight on her life, and now she would purge this blight.

Finally, Starry Night's wonderful event came to an end. As their special guest, Emily didn't participate in the competition. Instead she was given the honor of presenting the award to the winner of the competition.

Surprised, Emily was grateful for the high praises she had received, even though she wasn't a model.

Emily could think of no other reason than good fortune.

In truth, Hess attached great importance to Emily. At first glance, when he realized that Emily was perfect for modelling, he wanted to share her beauty to the rest of the world.

However, he felt great pity at the fact that Emily didn't intend to take modeling as her career. With a slight disappointment in his tone, he said, "Miss Lu, do you know? You are born to be model! You are perfect for various styles. If you want, you can be the most brilliant and successful model in the industry."

"Thank you for your appreciation," she politely answered. Emily had changed into her own clothes and came back to her usual self. "But I love my job, and I'm looking forward to our next cooperation," she added.

"I'm really looking forward to it, too," he assured. In the end, Hess could only suppress his regret and shake hands with Emily. Soon after, he caught sight of the man approaching them, and greeted him, "Mr. Gu, glad to see you."

Of course, he knew Jacob. Who didn't know Jacob?

By the way Jacob looked at Emily, Hess assumed there must have been something between him and Emily.

Emily turned towards Jacob, and then crashed into a pair of deep eyes, where she could clearly see her own reflection.

"I'm back," said Jacob.

Emily bit her lip and answered, "Yeah."

Just that one word meant so much more to Jacob than anything else.


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