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Season 4

Episode 44

(Was it just her luck)

Emily waited adamantly at the reception desk with no intentions of leaving, while the receptionist kept her waiting there with no further updates. Suddenly, the elevator doors slid open, and a tall man with blonde hair, probably in his mid-40s, stepped out and walked towards the reception desk.

"Good morning, Mr. Hess." The receptionist changed her tone immediately and greeted Hess politely.

Emily had read a lot about Hess on the Internet so she recognized him in an instant. Hess was described in the media as a demanding figure who kept a strict disciplinarian stance.

His face looked much friendlier now than he did on the screen, but there was seriousness in him that unnerved the employees around him upon his arrival.

His sharp eyes had already caught Emily's, observing and studying him diligently before she could hide them away.

"Who is the girl over there?" Hess asked his assistant, while curiously walking towards Emily.

It was hard for Hess not to notice Emily. She looked so extraordinary in the hall that everything else seemed to fade out behind her. This woman was born to be in the spotlight.

Emily was wearing a dark blue designer fishtail dress with fragmented diamonds over the hemline. The dress perfectly accentuated her body, turning her into a beautiful mermaid emerging from the sky of a starry night.

The strapless design highlighted her swanlike neck, on which rested a shining sapphire necklace that outshined all the other sapphire jewelry Hess had seen before.

Despite the radiant glamour, the necklace looked more precious only when it was on Emily's neck. She had a kind of understated beauty like a gorgeous mermaid who had all the treasures on her but was disarmingly unaware of her own charisma.

"Mr. Hess…"

"Excuse me, Miss…"

Emily and Hess spoke at the same time.
"You go first." Emily insisted and eased the atmosphere. Her English was as fluent as her German.

"I am sorry, but you are so…so…" Hess couldn't think of the right word to describe this stunning lady that had graced him with her presence. He thought for a second and asked, "Are you here to apply for the contest, too?"

"What?" she asked. Emily wasn't sure what Hess was even talking about. Contest?

Perhaps... Hess mistook her for a model competing in the Starry Night Modelling Contest.

"Mr. Hess, I think there's been a misunderstanding. I am here to talk to you about the sponsorship for the contest," Emily replied and went straight to the point.

"Oh, so you are not participating then," Hess frowned. Such a pity! The moment Hess laid his eyes on Emily, he was completely sold on her. It would be a great loss for him not having her on the runway or under the camera. Having been involved in the industry for a long time, Hess had a talent for spotting beauty, and Emily was definitely one of his rare findings.

Although, Emily didn't have the height for the modelling industry, there was an undeniable symmetry to her features and her body. She looked stunning at first sight, but the more you looked at her, the more you were attracted by her captivating beauty.

Besides, she had mysterious eyes that could trigger the interest of anyone to explore her secrets. She seemed to be a woman with a long story.

"I…" Emily stuttered, not knowing how to respond as she wasn't expecting Hess to say that.

The legendary Hess seemed very different from how she had imagined him.

"So you are here for the sponsorship?" he asked. Hess quickly constrained his expression and gestured with his hand, "Let's go to my office, shall we?"

Emily was pleasantly surprised. It turned out to be a lot more easier than she had imagined.

Even the receptionist was surprised. Was this the same, terrifying Mr. Hess she knew?

Mr. Hess had many visitors in the span of a single day. Most didn't even make it past the gate or were asked to leave just after a few seconds, but this woman...she was granted access into Mr. Hess's office...

Who on earth was this woman? Puzzled, the receptionist wondered in awe. She reached for her phone and secretly took a photo of Emily. It would serve as a good source of gossip after work.

Emily's heart pounded in her chest, as she followed Hess. On the surface, she looked calm, but her mind was doing circles all over the place.

Did she get the chance? Mr. Hess's facial expression was too hard to predict, so she'd better be more attentive.

Before long, they arrived at Hess's personal studio. Emily opened her mouth to say something when Hess pushed her inside and yelled excitedly to the staffs out of a sudden, "Everybody! Look what I have found! A princess mermaid!"

"I'm not…" Emily mumbled, feeling a little awkward now that everyone had their eyes on her.

In the blink of an eye, she was surrounded the the staff in the studio. They examined her like she was a piece of art.

"Beautiful Asian girl with unique personal features. Perfect! Where did you find her? Is she our new model?"

"Her body type is perfect…well, maybe my dresses are too long for her, but I can make some changes…Miss, my dresses were born to grace your body!"

"Hey, everyone, look at that necklace! It's mesmerizing! I love it. And look at that dress! Who made all these for her! It's brilliant! But I can do better, Miss. Only if you will allow me to…"

Everyone was so awestruck and excited, they had completely forgotten about Hess.

Although Emily was taller than the average person, she was still considered below the prerequisite in this studio full of fashion experts and super models.

However, at that moment, she was like a little fish, surrounded by big sharks circling her. Feeling completely out of place, Emily stood there, unaware of how to react.

In desperation, she turned to Hess, looking for help. Hess was pleased with everyone's reactions and was convinced that he was right about Emily's charms.

"Move away everybody, she is not a model…" Hess shouted at the crowd.

"What? She is not? Then why did you bring her here! Oh, what a pity! My dresses had already fallen head over heels for her. It will be difficult for me to find them a new master," one designer complained in a low voice.

"She is not a model at the moment, but perhaps one day she will be, guys," Hess cleared his throat and said.

'What? What does he mean?' Emily was still scrambling in her head, trying to make sense of what was going on.

"So, Miss Emily, you said that you are here for the sponsorship, right?" Hess asked, guiding Emily to his office and inviting her to sit down.

"Yes. I work for Lu Jewelry," she answered. Emily reached out for the necklace and tried to take it off her neck to show him the design. "This is one of our latest designs, if you don't mind…" she explained.

"No, no, no, don't. Just leave it on your neck," One of the designers grabbed her wrist and said to her, "It looks perfect on you. You are really beautiful."

"Oh, thank you." Emily replied. As a matter of fact, the necklace wasn't the only thing Emily was displaying. She was sporting the whole series, turning herself into an exhibition stand.

"Would you mind taking a few walks? Just in this room?" The designer asked Emily, with eyes full of anticipation.

Emily thought about it for a second and then nodded. It was a hard-won opportunity, so she had to seize it. Soon, all the staffs cleared the way for Emily.

All eyes in the room focused on her as she walked past the desks, the chairs, all the way to the big French window at the far side of the studio. The necklace was shining under the sun, and her skin glowed as her inner beauty had lit her eyes and softened her features.

Hess couldn't stop himself from smiling.

"Your jewelry is indeed special," he said.

Emily's face lit up in an instant. "So…what do you think?" she asked eagerly.

"I can give you the sponsorship if…if you agree to be my model. What do you say about that?" Hess asked Emily. Hess was so taken by Emily, that she had given him new inspirations. He was almost certain that Emily would agree on his deal because he could sense her strong desire for the sponsorship.

"Your model?" she asked. Emily examined his face to make sure that he wasn't kidding. "I don't have any modelling experience…but…I will see what I can do," Emily replied.

"Very well. I will have someone send you the contract in a minute," Hess was satisfied with Emily's response.

'That's it?'

When Emily walked out of the Starry Night building with the contract tucked under her arms, she was still in disbelief.

How did she manage to overcome the impossible and come out victorious after negotiating with an icon such as Hess? 'So… I got the sponsorship? That wasn't too hard, ' Emily mused.

Emily made a lot of effort to prepare for this meeting. Even her outfit was a part of her plan to better present her company's jewelry. Now, not only did Emily walk out of there with a sponsorship, she somehow landed herself a modelling gig as well. Was it just her luck?

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