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Season 4

Episode 42

(Your face is not my cup of tea)

It was almost 3pm when Emily arrived at the agreed place.

It was a cafe that had deluxe private rooms with a pleasant ambiance.

Tina was already there, she lolled back in her comfort chair. Seeing Emily approaching, Tina arched her eyebrows," Hey! Here."

Emily walked to her. She put down her bag and sat opposite. "Tina Tao." "Yeah?"

"Do you like my face?"

Tina took a second to digest Emily`s words, and after she comprehended what she said, she burst into laughing," Of course I do! You have no idea how much I love this face. I will take everything that belongs to you, including your families, your identity and even your face!"

Emily gave her a cold look and shook her head. "Psychopath."

"Why, thank you," Tina said mockingly with a big smile. "Even though you're Tao's real daughter, you're the one who's been abandoned. I feel sorry for you."

Her words weren't harmful, but the tone was without a doubt degrading.

Emily rolled her eyes. "Is this why you asked me to come? To try and humiliate me?"

Emily was tougher, and these malicious words could never hurt her anymore, but still her hatred toward Tina was not gone.

Toying with her coffee spoon, Tina replied with a casual air. But she kept staring at Emily as if she could know what Emily was thinking through her expressions. "I heard that you want the sponsorship for the Starry Night?"

"So?" Emily looked at her indifferently.

The two faces were identical, even at every single detail. It was as if they were looking at themselves in a mirror.

"You can't get what you want on your own." A small, charming smile curved Tina`s lips. It seemed like she really cared about Emily, but the truth was, she hated her. "Beg me!"

'Gosh, you got be kidding me.' Emily thought and could not help her into laughing. "Is this supposed to be a joke? Be a grown-up Tina."

The brightly smile cast away the coldness in her face, and Tina`s gaze was drawn irresistibly to the scene. She's changed, she's not who she used to be," Tina thought.

But her heart was still the same, it was pure and saint. 'Pure heart hah, let's see what will happen if I tear it apart.'

"You have no one to turn to babe. Jacob is now in A country, and Jack is constrained. You are on your own. And I know this opportunity means a lot to you. So beg me, and I can give you a chance to win this opportunity if you kneel down before me. Or maybe you want to betray your body and sleep with those guys?"

'Te-hee. Who do you think I am? I am not Leona!

Of course this opportunity can be significant, but I am a successor of the Lu clan. I won't do anything against my reputation. And even if I have nothing to do with the Lus, I won't betray myself either!'

"An opportunity?"

"Interested?" Tina picked her eyebrows smugly, thinking that Emily`s resolve was shaken," Beg me, just like you used to do, kneel down before me. Is not it what you and your adopted family good at?"

Tina hated that Emily was high above and appeared to be saint and pure. She wanted to destroy all of Emily`s pride, and peel Emily`s skin off and expose the darkness inside her!

Discontented, Emily looked at Tina," Pardon?"

"What? Pissed off?" Tina seemed to be excited to know that Emily was angry about her malicious words," I said isn't it what you and you adopted parents good at? Begging people like a dog. Uh..."

Emily did not let her finish her sentence. She came before Tina and grabbed her neck with just one hand. Everything happened so fast, Tina did not even have time to react.

Tina was stunned, but she was not afraid of Emily at all. Instead, she got excited.

"You should really kill me babe. But do you have the nerve to do so? Do you?"

"Bang!" The coffee cup was smashed. Tina struggled to free herself, but in vain. In extreme rage, Emily got her fingers to Tina`s throat and squeezed. "Bitch..."

Emily touched a sharp piece of the shredded porcelain cup on the table and she picked it up and pinched it tight against Tina`s neck. "You do not think... I will kill you?" Tina said in a cold and slow tone.

Tina felt ridiculous, she wanted to laugh, but the coldness around her neck reminded her not to do so. She looked at Emily into her cold eyes, fears arisen from the back," Emily...."

Emily was full of hatred, a shout resounded in her ears and hit her eardrums constantly," KILL HER! KILL HER! You will have your revenge, and let your parents rest in peace!"

A little bit more push, just a little bit more push, the shredded porcelain would cut through this woman's throat.

The thick heavy murderous look was overwhelming. Tina could hardly breathe. Emily wanted to kill her, she knew it.

'She means it…she wants to kill me…' She kept thinking to herself as she tried to struggle out of the grip on her throat.

'I'm not dying in this bitch's hand… I'll kill her first.'

Emily used up all her strength and seized Tina by her throat, but eventually, Tina managed to move her head and bit Emily`s hand. The smell of blood spread inside her mouth...

Out of pain, Emily frowned. 'I almost killed the woman...' She realized, but did not let go of her hand.

'I'm not becoming a criminal for this wretched woman.

She'll pay…in another way. But now, it is not the right time yet.'

"Bitch! Let me go! Do you think you can just walk out of here after this? Everyone of the Taos will ruin you if anything happens to me!" Tina was getting hysterical, and couldn't breathe right because Emily hadn't loosened her hand. Her face was getting red.

'Fuck Emily, who the hell are you now? You were... You were a fragile, like a Dodder flower that can not grow on its own and need something to rely on. You were powerless!

But now, you should fight me back?' Emily remained expressionless. "You just won't leave me alone, will you?"

The sharp shredded porcelain was ruthless, leaving Tina`s skin a blood stain. Emily was hurt, too. The porcelain cut her finger and the blood flowed out. But it seemed like Emily did not feel the pain, she had the porcelain that was stained with blood against Tina`s face. "I do not like your face you know, your face is quite unpleasant."

Panic-stricken, Tina's eyes went wide. "W-What are you doing?!"

'I suffered a lot to win my face, my perfect face. No one can destroy it! No one!'

Emily's hand was bleeding, but she didn't care. She had her blood applied around Tina's pale face. "You should never ever provoke me you know."

Tina stayed still, she could not move. She was afraid that the fragment would destroy her pretty face. Emily bowed her head and got close Tina.

The exact identical face was full of coldness. Emily's face was in front of Tina, it was so close as if Emily was trying to give her a kiss.

Tina's could feel her heart pounding in her chest. And she was excited out of no reason.

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