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Season 4

Episode 40

(I'm prettier than she is, ain't I)

Leona was glaring at Emily. Her eyes were full of envy and hate. Why did she always come across this bitch!

All the senior management of the Starry Night were attracted by Emily, including Albert beside Leona.

"Miss Lu is so......"

Albert was interrupted by Leona," So what?"

"Beautiful and unattainable." Albert praised in a low voice.

"Unattainable? Albert, if you consider that she is a saintly and pure goddess, you really get the wrong idea about this woman. Actually she is very dissolute in private life." Leona shook her red wine glass and gave a flirtatious wink to Albert," Well, how do you think about me? I am prettier than she is, aren't I?"

"Oh, you're a beauty." Albert said perfunctorily," You and her are beauties of different types."

His perfunctory response made Leona more angry. She turned around and headed for Emily.

"Miss Lin, long time no see." Emily greeted her with a smile.

Leona hated her calm expression," Yeah, Miss Bai...sorry, Miss Lu, so you come for the Starry Night?"

"It's none of your business."

"Whatever your purpose is, the sponsorship for Starry Night is mine."

"Who will get the sponsorship is still unknown."

"You still don't understand the situation." Leona's eyes became gloomy," I tell you, you absolutely have no chance."

Emily looked at her decolletage and chuckled as if she suddenly understood something," All the people here, I guess, are your 'close friends?' You are as good at making backdoor deals as always. It seems my attempt is of no avail."

She thought the Starry Night was a formal occasion for business cooperation, but now she found that the people here were nothing but a mob craving personal fame and gain.

Hearing her sarcastic words, Leona was furious, but she must control her temper in such an occasion," You have a lot of nerve sneering at me. Your unscrupulous scandal with Jack and his uncle Jacob is spread all over the city. Shame on you!"

Leona stared at Emily's face and observed her response. Unexpectedly, Emily wasn't provoked. Her expression remained calm.

"Miss Lin, you rely on your shamelessness to achieve your goals, don't you?"

"You...... Bitch!" Leona gnashed her teeth. How could this woman changed so much? Is the woman the coward Emily she knew before?

Their voices were so low that only they could hear each other, and Emily maintained a smile on her face all the time, so others didn't hear their wrangle.

Someone was coming towards Emily soon.

Leona bit her lower lip, snorted and went back to her seat. She saw Albert's eyes were still glued to Emily. She was so envy and even wanted to slapped Albert.
Is she so attractive?!

She is a bitch even if she changes a lot. Are these men blind? Even...... Even Magee was interested in this damn bitch!

"Albert." Leona hided her emotions and put a flirtatious smile on her face. She whispered in Albert's ear," Do you have a crush on that woman? I can send her to your bed. My condition is the sponsorship... "

"Miss Lin, are you drunk?" Albert smiled and looked at her with an air of contempt," Do you think I really need your help with something like this?"

Besides, Cloris came here for the Starry Night sponsorship. If she wanted, she knew that whom she should play up to. Just a sex trade. How hard was it?

In addition, He was confident for his personal charisma. Albert was narcissistic when he thought about it. Leona smiled," Don't count your chickens, Albert. I don't think so. After all, there are so many people here. Maybe someone else also has a crush on her."

Albert looked around. Indeed, several people's eyes were glued to Emily. He finally agreed," Okay, I count on you."

"Remember our agreement."

"No problem".

Emily stayed for a while, then found an excuse to leave. She knew that this occasion was not for formal business cooperation, but for backdoor deals.

She did want to compete with others, but it didn't mean she would just wallow in the mire with Leona.

Leona was a little surprised that Emily left here.

'Why does she leave so early? Does she give up the chance? Or she just comes here to mock her?

That was impossible, Emily just took over Lu's jewelry. How could she win the trust of her employees and partners if she has nothing accomplished? Right now, there is a good chance. She definitely wants the sponsorship, even if she pretends she doesn't care.'

Thinking of this, Leona's eyes became gloomy.

Emily had many identities: Jack's girlfriend, Jacob's fiancee, Miss Tao of Tao clan and Miss Lu of Lu clan. It seemed that God always favored this bitch.

She didn't believe that Emily could always be so lucky!

Leona took the mobile phone from her bag, and secretly made a phone call. A malicious smile overspread her face.

Emily rubbed her forehead. She knew that she couldn't establish the cooperation with other companies through this activity. She wasn't a little ignorant girl, so she knew the meaning of all the obscene expression in those men's eyes.

Of course there was no need to stay there.

She walked all the way to the parking lot, but always felt that someone was following her, staring at her, which made her blood freeze. She unconsciously quickened her pace.

Soon she heard footsteps.

The sound of shoes treading on the ground was getting closer.

Emily suddenly looked back and saw several men following behind her. One of them, with a sack in his hand, was coming up to her.

'Rob? Or kidnap?'

She got a fright, but kept her head. She calmly stepped backward to her car. Those guys realized her intention. After making an eye contact, they strode toward her.

Emily's heart skipped a beat. She immediately turned and ran. She heard the sound of wind and something falling to the ground. "Bang."

She could not restrain her curiosity, so she turned around and then found that those guys following her were beat up on the ground by some men in black.

Emily was so awed at the sight of that she couldn't make a sound.

What happened? Who were these people?

Those men in black glanced at her in a distance and quickly looked away, but Emily perceived a guilty conscience on their expressionless face.

Emily fell silent once again.

After brief consideration, she took an educated guess on who these people were.

Only Jacob would arrange for such people to spy on her! Or... perhaps to protect her?

Emily knew that her "protectors" would have their own way of dealing with the problem. As soon as she got in her car, she drove away without looking back.

In the evening, she stared at her phone for a long time, and woolgathered, until she heard Beryl's voice," Mommy, what are you looking?"

Emily came to her senses and saw the numbers she had been typing unconsciously. At that moment, Beryl naughtily grabbed the phone and accidentally clicked the dial button.

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