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Season 4

Episode 39

(Indeed a beauty)

Emily was dumbfounded,"Beryl, where did you learn these words?"

Beryl thought for a while and came up with the name of a big dating show. Stunned, Emily felt speechless. "Stop watching these programs then!"

"Uh," Beryl replied. Suddenly, she widened her eyes, as if she had just thought of something, and said,"Mommy, you're changing the topic... no, topic changing!"


"You kissed my boyfriend, I won't talk to you!" Beryl complained.

Nonplussed, Emily didn't know whether to cry or laugh, but her bad mood was eventually washed away. "Don't you want to have the strawberry cake I bought for you?" asked Emily.

"I'm not a child of two or three years anymore." Beryl pouted discontentedly and said,"I won't be satisfied with just one or two cakes, but three would be..."

Amazed by Beryl's bargaining skills. Decisively, Emily pretended not to understand Beryl and said,"Well, just come to me when you want to talk to me."

"Oh..." Beryl wasn't expecting such a rapid change in her mother's attitude. Suddenly, she cried out,"Hmph! I won't talk to you!"

Although, Beryl spent the next few days giving her mother the silent treatment, she eventually caved after Emily coaxed her with a strawberry cake.

Since, Jacob had not returned, Emily grew more anxious. She worried about his unhealed wounds and the unrest in A country. She wondered where and how he was now.

Although Emily felt uneasy, she still forced herself to calm down so she could work. What she did not know was that Jacob had left all his trusted men to protect her secretly.

"Starry Night International Model Competition is going to be held in Z district, Manager. I think it's a great opportunity for the company." In the office, Emily's assistant dutifully reported.

"Sure," Emily responded. Emily looked down, with an unidentified expression, and tapped her slender fingertips gently on the desk.

"Starry Night", an internationally famous model competition, which was held once every three years. Many international supermodels were discovered on this stage. It was common for brands to choose models, but "Starry Night", on the other hand, was the one picking the brands. All clothing and jewelry represented were of high standards.

If Lu Jewelry could become the brand sponsor of "Starry Night", it would raise its brand publicity.

The assistant continued,"There are rumors that Lin Jewelry is also participating in the brand competition this time. I'm afraid that they may have an advantage over us, because not only are they engaged in jewelry, their clothing brand is also quite popular in the markets."

Suddenly, Emily asked,"What about LA?"

"LA..." The assistant flipped through the pages of information she had collected.

"LA didn't take part in the competition this time and I don't know why..." she said.

It seemed like from the time Emily took over Lu Jewelry, LA jewelry went under the radar, as if they were avoiding someone or something.

Emily's gaze deepened, and she said,"I will take full advantage of this opportunity."


At the Lin Villa.

The naked man and woman were fiercely entangling on the big luxury bed. They moved in an intoxicated dance of limbs, never making the exact same moves twice. It was unknown whether the squeak of the mattress was out of pain or joy. The cool room already felt warm.

It was hard to hold back, to make the moment last, but in the end, they finally finished after a long time.

Magee reclined on the bed and lit a cigarette slowly. His handsome face was blurred by the white smoke he blew from his delicate lips.

Leona was obsessed with this man. She looked at him and put her milky, white arms around his,"Magee..."

The man was so flawless that she lost her heart and soul four years ago when she laid eyes on him.

"Huh?" Magee turned his head unmindfully and handed the cigarette over.

Leona inhaled deeply and blew out the smoke between her lips. Suddenly, the man pressed the cigarette butt onto her arm, leaving a round scar on her snow white skin.

"Ouch... " Beads of tears appeared on her eyes, as she looked at Magee and complained,"That hurts..."

Magee taunted,"Why are you being so dramatic? Don't you like to be treated this way?"

"I love you," she said. Leona embraced his arms tightly and confessed with trembling voice,"No matter how you treat me, one day you will understand that..."

"Shut up," he said. Magee smiled and said,"You'd better think about how to get Emily in bed with me."

Suddenly, Leona's face changed. "Emily... she has slept with half the town already, including Jacob and Jack. Doesn't that bother you?" she said.

"You're a fine one to talk! I don't disdain you, so why should I disdain Emily?" he said.

Leona's face changed from blue and white in anger. 'Emily! Emily! Emily! That bitch? Why was every man obsessed with her?'

The next moment, Leona slammed her lips to his and nearly knocked all wind from his lungs. "Magee, I am already yours from the day you saved me. She is a wanton seductress. I am much better than Emily. Why Emily?" she asked him. Why must it be Emily?

His eyes darkened and a cold breeze swept through her face. Displeased, he snickered at her.

Why? Because Mr. Gu slept with his mother and murdered her in her sleep!

They all thought he wanted to sleep with women from Family Gu.

He just wanted the whole family to die and rot in hell.

Looking at the smirk on his handsome face, Leona's body shivered with fear.

"Magee..." she muttered.

"Afraid?" he asked. Magee turned to look at her, as if his eyes could see right through her.

Leona's heart was trembling, but she replied,"I am not afraid..."

Magee sneered. With disdain in his eyes, he got up to go to the bathroom, ignoring Leona's response.

Every time he made love with her, he had to take a bath, as if she was dirty.

Leona sat up on the bed for some time, before she slowly put on her clothes. She did not forget that she had a dinner party at night.

Leona's aim in her career was to surpass LA Jewelry, but now that her sworn enemy was back, her goals had changed accordingly.

No matter how she would best that bitch!

At night, the lights went on, in the Imperial International Hotel.

Leona smiled seductively at the foreign man and toasted to his honor,"Mr. Albert, here's to you."

Albert reached for her drink and took her by the hand. "You feed me," he said.

"Sure." Leona complied. She was already quite used to the eroticism in drinking occasions.

The other men pretended like they didn't see them, as they flirted with their female companion. The business rules were hidden in the dark and were black case work.

Someone whispered,"Is that the daughter of Lu family? Absolutely stunning!"

Everyone's eyes widened in awe.

An elegant woman, dressed in business attire walked along slowly. Her long hair was tied up behind her head, revealing her beautiful neck. Her pace was graceful and elegant, commanding respect and attention from those around her.

A sight to behold, indeed.



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