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Season 9

Episode 56

(Live like a Man (7)

“He doesn’t know that he’s sick yet. I want him to be hospitalized as soon as possible. You’re his mother, and the two of you share the same blood type, so… I wanted to ask you if you could help Ni Yang.”

“I… how can I help?” Xie Juan couldn’t quite respond all at once.

“Donate your liver… donate 38% of your liver. Because you’re his direct relative and share the same blood type as him, there is a very big chance that his body won’t reject your liver. Once successful, he will be back to normal… Or else… he won’t be able to live for more than three years.”

“Liver donation…” This was a bit unexpected for Xie Juan.

She was only a normal woman without much education, so she found it a bit hard to accept such a dramatic thing at once.

Xie Juan wasn’t as close with him as she was with Shuai Shuai, so this time, she hesitated.

“Don’t worry, Mrs. Xie, your life won’t be in danger even if you donate your liver… There might be some side effects later on, but… it won’t affect your life. I know you’re worried that no one else will be able to take care of Shuai Shuai.”

“Dr. Huo, this… is all too sudden. Let me think about it.”

“Okay… I don’t want to trouble you, so think about it.”

Huo Mian didn’t say anything else when Xie Juan told her that she had to think about it…

Huo Mian felt awful for the rest of the day.

So when she got off work and headed home, she was unintentionally absent-minded when she was driving…

Huang Yue’s issue still wasn’t solved yet, and Ni Yang was now sick.

She didn’t know Ni Yang for very long, but he had been so loyal to her.

Huo Mian liked him very much, and even though she didn’t spoil him as much as she did with Zhixin, she truly felt very bad for him.

He was born into a tragic family and also suffered from severe depression.

The green light suddenly turned red at an intersection.

Huo Mian didn’t notice it at all, and she directly crossed the intersection…

Then, she crashed into a black Mazda 6 that drove in from the side.


Luckily, it wasn’t very serious and was only a light collision.

However, the man that got off from the Mazda 6 didn’t have any of it, and he cursed at Huo Mian.

“Are you blind? Didn’t you see the red light… Damn, don’t think you can be arrogant just because you’re rich. You think you’re all that, driving an Audi R8, do you even have a driver license? Did you buy your driver license with money? It’s truly a miracle that you’re still alive now, driving around like that.”

The middle-aged man who got off from the Mazda 6 spoke very rudely, and he violently cursed at Huo Mian.

Huo Mian didn’t even fully realize what had happened, because she was still wondering if Xie Juan would save Ni Yang.

Just then, a flashy red Ferrari stopped, and Su Yu got stepped out of it.

“What is it?”

“This blind woman ran into my car,” the middle-aged man complained.

“She’ll just pay you for running into your car, is it necessary to curse at her?” Su Yu stared at the middle-aged man.

“I’ll curse if I want to. What does it have to do with you, who do you think you are?”

The middle-aged man didn’t seem to notice that Su Yu was the owner of the Ferrari…

Su Yu only smiled at how unreasonable he was.

Su Yu didn’t say anything, as he got back into his car, stepped on the gas pedal, and ran into the man’s Mazda 6, which was parked in the middle of the road.

With a ‘bang’, the two cars crashed…

The front of the Ferrari was damaged, but the Mazda 6 was basically destroyed…

It was an incredibly brutal scene…

“You… how dare you run into my car? Just you watch how I take care of you once the traffic police come.”

“We don’t have to wait for the traffic police. Even the newest version of your car cost more than two hundred thousand yuan. I’ll give you three hundred thousand so you can get a new car; the addition one hundred thousand is for you to immediately apologize to my friend.”

“Apologize? Are you kidding me, she ran into me.”

“You have ten seconds to decide. If you don’t apologize, then I swear that you won’t get a single cent.”

Su Yu didn’t look like he was joking. Every single traffic police officer in C City knew who Young Master Su was.

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