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Season 9

Episode 37

(Bringing a Third-Wheel on Vacation (8)

“The good news is that you’re going to be a father.”

“Um…” Wei Liao almost choked.

“Is there a fundamental difference between ‘I’m pregnant’ and ‘you’re going to be a father’? Aren’t they the same thing?” Wei Liao was speechless.

“Of course there’s a difference. My pregnancy is really sudden, so it’s a bad thing for us. However, you’re 28 years old and are going to be a dad, so to some extent, it’s good news.”

“Good job, no wonder you’re a psychiatrist…” Wei Liao gave her a thumbs-up.

“Stop with the nonsense, you got me pregnant, what should we do now? Get an abortion and break up, or…?”

Before Jiang Xiaowei finished her sentence…

Wei Liao immediately got up and covered Jiang Xiaowei’s mouth.

“My gosh… what are you blabbering about, why would you get an abortion? You already said that it’s good news that I’m going to be a father.”

“So, what should we do now?”

Jiang Xiaowei asked on purpose, just to test him out.

The truth was, she wanted to see Wei Liao’s reaction, so she could make her next move accordingly.

With Jiang Xiaowei’s resolve, if Wei Liao looked like he was depressed by the news, she would immediately ask Huo Mian to get her an OB/GYN appointment so she could get an abortion. Then, she would break up with the scumbag.

If Wei Liao seemed happy, then…

“Shotgun wedding, of course.”

“Shotgun wedding?” Jiang Xiaowei was surprised.

“Yeah… you’re pregnant, isn’t that God’s way of saying ‘hurry the f*ck up and get married’? We need to hurry up… once your belly begins showing, you won’t look as good in a wedding dress. Oh, right, the weather outside is pretty nice today, we should get registered.”

“Today?” Jiang Xiaowei was petrified.

Wei Liao looked down on his watch. “Yeah, we still have time. I have connections at the Ministry of Civil Affairs, they can wait for us while we go home and get our household registration booklets.”

“Hey, wait… are we getting married, just like that?” This was a reaction from Wei Liao that Jiang Xiaowei had not anticipated.

Wei Liao was really happy, from the bottom of his heart…

“Don’t worry, I won’t forget the betrothal gifts, and I’ll transfer the mansion and car to your name. Oh, right, I’m now yours too.”

Then, Wei Liao grabbed Jiang Xiaowei by the hand, and they immediately drove home to get their household registration booklets before heading to the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

By the time Jiang Xiaowei was holding a red marriage certificate booklet, she still thought that she was dreaming.

She used to think that no one would ever marry her. However, to her surprise, she went from a shotgun engagement to a shotgun pregnancy, and finally, to a shotgun wedding.

What kind of melodramatic TV drama was this?

“Wei… I need to talk to my parents about our wedding date, let me know if your parents have any requests. Oh, and do you want to hold the wedding in C City, or abroad? You can decide where you want to take wedding photos and where we should go for our honeymoon.”

Jiang Xiaowei was still recovering from the shock…

“Ah, the most important thing right now is to treat our friends to dinner, so we can celebrate.”

Then, Wei Liao immediately called Su Yu and Tang Chuan.

Afterward, he reminded Jiang Xiaowei, “You should call Huo Mian. After all, you guys are really close.”

“Um… wait, I need a moment.”

In a trance, Jiang Xiaowei held her red booklet and sat in Wei Liao’s Rolls-Royce for quite some time before hesitantly calling Huo Mian.

“Huo Mian, come and have dinner with me at Prosperous Restaurant tonight.”

“Um… do I have to? I’m really tired.”

Huo Mian thought that it was just a regular dinner, so she wanted to decline…

However, to her surprise, Jiang Xiaowei added, “I got the marriage license and am treating you to dinner. Get over here, ASAP.”

After she bellowed all that, Jiang Xiaowei hung up.

Huo Mian was flabbergasted…

“This girl just found out she was pregnant today… and got her marriage license by the end of the day?”

This world was so crazy that she found it hard to keep up.

Although she was shocked, Huo Mian still decided to go. On her way, she called Qin Chu to let him know.

Upon arriving at the restaurant and entering the private room, she saw that Su Yu and the others had all arrived.

Su Yu’s eyes immediately lit up with joy upon seeing Huo Mian.

“Huo Mian, come here and sit with me.” Jiang Xiaowei waved her hand at her.


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