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Season 9

Episode 42

(Avenging My Little Brother (3)

“Pfftttt…” Huo Mian almost spat out the coke in her mouth upon seeing Gao Ran’s comment.

Could Gao Ran and Zhu Lingling not be so funny?

Why were all the couples in her life so abnormal? She originally thought that Jiang Xiaowei and Wei Liao were decently normal.

However, later she realized that they were just as crazy; they got engaged, pregnant, and married without warning.

Their actions completely shocked Huo Mian…

A vicious-tongue couple, shotgun couple… It seemed like Mr. Qin and she was the most normal couple.

Just then, someone else commented…

“Hey, you’re honeymooning?” Huo Siqian commented.

Huo Mian had no interest in replying…

The night was still long, and Huo Siqian didn’t like hanging out with the other people in the Huo Family.

Therefore, he decided to get drunk instead…

Su Yu and Tang Chuan were out for a night on the town, and they bumped into each other. Therefore, they opened a private room to hang out in together.

Huo Siqian laughed as he looked at this phone. “This brat has always been mellow, she went on her honeymoon without telling anyone.”

Su Yu didn’t say anything as he quietly sipped at his wine…

“Where did she go?” Tang Chuan was more curious.

“The Maldives… Mr. Moneybags Qin chartered a plane and reserved an entire island, my sister… is probably having the time of her life.” Huo Siqian’s words reeked of slight envy.

“The Maldives are nice, Qin Chu’s got a good taste.” Tang Chuan enjoyed the Maldives too and visited every year.

Every year, he went there on vacation with a different woman; Wei Liao used to joke that Tang Chuan was like a trafficker.

“Does he? They’re just little islands in the Indian Ocean… People there despise the Chinese…” Su Yu said, obviously jealous.

“Hey, Young Master Su, since when did you turn into a patriot? You make it sound like you’ve never been there before.” Tang Chuan laughed.

“Tahiti is much more beautiful,” Su Yu mumbled to himself.

The truth was, he had all the urge to fly to the Maldives right this second…

If it were him who went with Huo Mian, he would probably die of happiness.

Su Yu held a wineglass in his hand as he stared blankly at the wall in front of him…

Qin Chu woke up after a 2-hour nap. Then, the two of them changed into couple’s tees and headed to the beach for a barbeque dinner.

15 people gathered around a big table; the atmosphere was lively, and dozens of waiters serviced them.

Zhixin had a great appetite and kept eating. After all, he was still a kid.

“Sis… try the Takoyaki, it’s super delicious and authentic!” Zhixin felt excited as he tried everything on the table; he no longer mentioned his failed relationship.

“Honey… did we bring this third wheel here just so he can eat nonstop?” Huo Mian smiled as she looked at Qin Chu.

“We have multiple wheels, an extra one won’t make a difference,” Qin Chu replied.

His assistant and bodyguards all fell silent…

Yup, they were all their boss’s and his wife’s third wheels…

There were so many wheels…

“He’s kidding, haha, you guys eat and drink as much as you want!” Huo Mian glanced at the others as she covered Qin Chu’s mouth with her hand.

“What’s on the docket for tomorrow?” Qin Chu asked his assistant.

The female assistant quickly took out a schedule and placed it in front of Qin Chu. “Sir, this is the tentative schedule for you and your wife. Tomorrow, after breakfast, we will take the first set of photos at around 9:30 AM. After lunch, you can take a nap before taking two more sets in the afternoon. Of the two sets, one will be taken on a cruise ship, so it’ll give you and Mrs. Qin an opportunity to enjoy some time in the ocean. We’ll be taking another three sets the day after tomorrow, and the day after that will be pure enjoyment.”

“Sounds good.”

He glanced at the schedule; it was arranged reasonably, and they didn’t have to rush through anything. Satisfied, Qin Chu nodded.

Huo Mian knew how much work everyone had to do, carrying a dozen suitcases and suitcases, filled with gowns for her and suits for Qin Chu.

Neither of them had to bring anything; the assistant team and bodyguards prepared everything.

She felt like a queen…

The locals weren’t as bad as she thought they would be either, they requested tips because they relied on tourism to make a living.

They didn’t have other sources of income, so it was normal.

The staff treated them with passion; while they enjoyed their barbeque dinner by the beach, one of the chefs even sang for them, and the overall atmosphere was fun and relaxing.

Everyone enjoyed dinner; after they ate, Qin Chu and Huo Mian held hands as they strolled by the ocean, against the sea wind…

Their couple’s tees were white, each with a Mickey Mouse design.

Huo Mian was a Disney fan, so the assistant picked out her clothes attentively, according to her taste.

“Honey…” Huo Mian gently opened her mouth.

“Yeah?” Qin Chu tilted his head to look at her.



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