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Season 9

Episode 48

(Avenging My Little Brother (9)

“No thank you, I’m not hungry,” Qin Chu declined.

Feeling a bit awkward, Song Yishi asked, “Where’s Huo Mian, isn’t she here?”

“She’s tired, so she went home to rest.”

“Oh… I kinda miss her.”

“Yishi, I’m busy and don’t have time to talk…”

“It’s okay, I’ll just sit here for a while. I have nothing better to do anyway.”

Song Yishi had no intention of leaving…

This was because she noticed that it’s becoming harder and harder to approach Qin Chu, especially when Huo Mian was around since Qin Chu’s gaze never left Huo Mian.

It was rare for Huo Mian not to be around, so tonight, she wanted to take this opportunity to spend some alone time with Qin Chu.

He might think she was being childish, but she didn’t care.

Opportunities like this were hard to come by…

The female secretary came in and placed a cup of coffee on the table, “Miss Song, your coffee.”

“Thank you.”

Song Yishi then secretly took a photo of Qin Chu and posted on her WeChat friend circle.

She wrote, “When people are working hard, they become more attractive.”

Her friends began commenting; a couple of socialites who were close to her knew how Song Yishi felt towards Qin Chu.

Therefore, they began fueling the spark…

“Shi, you went to see Prince Charming Qin?”

“Shi, you guys look cute together, his wife really isn’t that good.”

“Prince Charming Qin is gorgeous, he looks good from every angle.”

The girl sitting beside Tang Chuan had Song Yishi’s WeChat as well.

They added each other during the party that other day; Song Yishi was good at socializing.

She had only been back for a month but had gotten to know people in the upper-class society well and had a stellar reputation.

Of course, this had a lot to do with the fact that her father was Mayor Song.

“Mayor Song’s daughter sure is ambitious, she wants to steal Qin Chu,” the woman exclaimed.

Upon hearing what she said, Tang Chuan immediately scooted over to see what she was talking about. Then, he looked at Su Yu, “Talk about a strong contender… It’s already nightfall, and she still managed to spend time alone with Qin Chu and take a photo of him. I wonder what Huo Mian will think when she sees this photo.”

Su Yu played with a lighter in his hand, but didn’t say anything; no one could tell what he was thinking.

“Su Yu… do you want to screenshot this and privately message it to Huo Mian’s Weibo?”


“It’s such a good opportunity, why wouldn’t you take it?” Tang Chuan was confused; if Su Yu liked Huo Mian, why didn’t he attempt at wreaking havoc in her marriage?

“I don’t do degrading stuff like that,” Su Yu replied domineeringly.

Neither Qin Chu or Huo Mian knew about Song Yishi’s post.

But Huo Siqian did since he had her on WeChat as well.

“Song Yishi’s interesting, but I look forward to it. I wonder who will win, her or Mian? I bet it’s going to be a surging battle.”

Then, he reached out and began playing with the globe on his desk. With a smile on his face, he said, “I bet one Yuan that Mian will win.”

After Huo Mian stuffed her belly with her mother’s cooking at Sky Blessing Court, she lied on the couch and watched TV.

Then, she suddenly saw Zhixin come downstairs in a change of clothes.

“It’s so late, are you heading out?”

“Um… my friend’s having a birthday party, he called me,” Zhixin said as he headed for the door.

“Come home early, don’t drink too much.”

“I got it, Sis, you’re as garrulous as Mom.”

Then, Jing Zhixin opened the door, got on his car, and left.

“Zhixin went out again?”

“Yeah, he went out with his classmates.” Zhixin had always been a good boy, so Huo Mian didn’t think too much about it.

– 40 minutes later –

Huo Mian received a phone call from Zhixin; he was crying, “Sis, come here and help me save Yue.”

Huo Mian began panicking upon hearing Yue’s name.

Did Zhixin go looking for Huang Yue when he told her that was off to see classmates? But the men Huang Yue was with…

Huo Mian immediately shot up from the couch.

“Zhixin, where are you?”

“Rooftop of Universe Nightclub.”

“Okay, wait for me,” Huo Mian said as she quickly put on her shoes and left; she didn’t even hear what her mother said.

Universe Nightclub again – Huo Mian despised going to that messed up place.

She also didn’t know what happened to Zhixin…

On her way, Huo Mian called Qin Chu.

“Honey, I think something happened to Zhixin. He’s on the rooftop of Universe Nightclub, come here quickly and remember to bring back up.” Huo Mian hung up immediately after.

Qin Chu lost his cool upon hearing what she said.

Universe Nightclub was like a wolf’s den; it was dangerous for Huo Mian to go alone.

She might not be able to escape as smoothly as she did last time…



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